How can I reduce fine lines under my eyes naturally?

I realized that I have two fine lines under my eyes and I would like to know if there is a natural way, like using fruits, herbs or essential oils, to get rid of them.

I’m very wary of eye creams and other anti-wrinkle products because not only are they expensive but some of them don’t even work. As a poor college student, I don’t want to invest on a remedy that won’t cure what ails me.

So please, if there is a natural way to reduce (or maybe even a way to get rid of) my fine lines under my eyes, I would like to know. Or at the very least, if there is a product that works for sure and is worth the investment, that would be fine, too. I just prefer natural remedies because chemicals scare me.

Thank you very much!

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One Response to “How can I reduce fine lines under my eyes naturally?”

  1. minimol Says:

    Use BioOil. just a tiny dab around the eyes before bed. it is made of a combination of different natural oils that mimic the healing and regeneration process of skin..