How can I stimulate my nervous system (brain) without chemicals?

Without using drugs or coffee or any nerual stimulant, what can I do that could increase blood flow to my brain permanently so that I can keep it sharp and alert. When I drink coffee I noticed a heightned sense of focus and "intelligence" if you want to call it that.

But what can I do to acheive the effects of coffee or drugs without using them.

Would simply subjecting myself to more puzzles or brain teasers force my brain to function more, they say the brain is a muscle after all. Or would exercise help create a better blood flow allowing me to focus when I need to.

2 Responses to “How can I stimulate my nervous system (brain) without chemicals?”

  1. Maruf Says:

    i think that exercise would help you greatly. run a mile or two per week and you pulse rate will go down and you will be alert. make ur target resting pulse rate at 60-70bpm

  2. Susan D Says:

    Both exercise and submitting your brain to work will help.

    Another thing that I find very helpful is meditation. Through meditation I have learned the importance of bringing myself to a calm state anytime I am trying to "use my brain".

    Through this understanding I've been able to help my children with their school work just by getting them to calm down, apparently when we are stressed we do not have a very high capacity for learning or retrieving information from our brain that we already have stored.