HOW do Network Marketing Systems get started, how do they work EXACTLY, who benefits the most?? IE. MonaVie?

I think I’ve gotten to the point where I won’t immediately label a network marketing system as a SCAM (I’ve been scammed before by one though in the past when I was in college, which DEFINITELY left a bad taste in my mouth with these things). I attended a MonaVie seminar last night (a network marketing business that sells a health energy drink made of acai berries. Now, I’m not arguing the awesomeness of the product (whether it is or not is irrelevant). I am wondering EXACTLY how such a business works. I’ve researched a lot this morning about this stuff and some pieces of the puzzle have started to connect. For example, it’s not as fast or easy as they make it sound!! I know most of the big money makers already have built a team of loyal people who will go from one business to the next WITH them (a team that took years to build). I’m still unclear as to how exactly this thing works. And who the heck starts these things, and WHY?! Individuals? The product owners?

Bonus question if you have the time or knowledge: While it is not a scam, I realize that such businesses call for a certain personality and assertiveness. What are some of the SOCIAL implications of getting involved in such a business. Does it really alienate you from others? I know it depends on the kind of person you are, but I am getting the vibe that the NATURE of a network marketing system leaves a person with no choice, if they want to succeed: they HAVE to be aggressive (in their own way) and they have to do what it takes to sell their business/product.

This is a lot to ask, I know, but please know that I appreciate every and all sincere responses. Thanks in advance :-).
P.S. I’m not asking anyone to tell me any success stories. I am a very straight-forward person, and I really don’t take kind to smokescreens or people beating around the bush. I think it’s disrespectful actually to anybody (so that kinda turned me off at the monavie meeting, as I left with more questions than answers). Straight, informative answers are much appreciated!!
Heart Broken: If there was a prize for WORST ANSWER EVER, you would have NAILED IT! Congrats!

2 Responses to “HOW do Network Marketing Systems get started, how do they work EXACTLY, who benefits the most?? IE. MonaVie?”

  1. Johnie Says:

    You’re right about the teams who move from business to business making all the money.

    The only "marketing" strategies they’re going to teach you when you join is to harass your friends and family, or even strangers in grocery store check-out lines.

    Maybe one or two people will join you or buy the juice. You might make a few bucks. And then that’s that.

    Monavie chose the MLM business model to distribute their product because I guess they assumed it would sell better by word-of-mouth.

    It’s working great for the company, since they are selling a lot of their juice this way. But it’s not so great for the thousands of individual distributors who only signed up because they went to a meeting and were promised easy riches.

    However, you can still be successful even if you haven’t already built a team the old-fashioned way. Just because the company won’t teach you real-world marketing and business building strategies, doesn’t mean you can’t learn them yourself and apply them to your Monavie distribution.

    There are a lot of training resources out there that show you how to market an MLM business just like a "real" business with it’s own products or services.

  2. Heart Broken Says:

    Sounds like your trying to write an essay. Of course there are successful network marketing companies. And of course its alot of work. Alot of people think they can get rich quick and sit on their toosh and expect things to happen. Thats not how it works.
    Arbonne for example is not a scam and is not a pyramid scam.. Research into that a little bit and then email me if your committed. The product comes with a GREAT business oppertunity. MY aunt is about to earn her free mercedes. Email me if your up for it.