How do you "clean" out your arteries? Remove the plaque from the walls???

Without excersize, or medication? Any natural ways?

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6 Responses to “How do you "clean" out your arteries? Remove the plaque from the walls???”

  1. rose01 Says:

    2tablespoons apple cider vinager to 1 8oz glass of water, or 1 tablespoon apple cider
    vinager straight up.
    i’ve deen doing this for 10 years and i eat more fried foods than annybody, me arteries are clean as a whistle.

  2. The professor Says:

    Pomegranate. fresh fruit or juice every day. My cardiologist still can’t believe the results.

  3. spir_i_tual Says:

    Stop eating foods that contain HYDROGENATED OILS and walk.

  4. Josieb Says:

    Apple cider vinegar is suppose to be good to use.

  5. answerer Says:

    Some researchers believe that red wine is beneficial to the heart and arteries because it contains "flavonoids" and other antioxidants.

  6. Butt Says:

    Take one cup of apple vinegar, and one cup of honey. Ina mixture put 15 cloves of garlic, rinse it in a mixture. Put all this mixture in a bottle, and keep it in a refregirator for 8 days.
    Use 1 tablespoon in teh morning before breakfast, and 1 tablespoonful in teh afternoon.
    It will clear yours arteries.