How do you get rid of plaque on your arteries?

does exercise help remove it?

3 Responses to “How do you get rid of plaque on your arteries?”

  1. Dustie Rhodes Says:

    Here is article from 2003 that explains the difficulty of removing plaque. At that time they had this promising new treatment but I don’t know what became of it.
    I haven’t read of anything at present that works to remove plaque buildup without surgery. The problem appears
    to be those calcium deposits in the arteries. Plavix does nothing for buildup that has already occurred.

  2. Dr Pot-Belly Says:

    no watch this vid on how to remove it

  3. Al Says:

    There is a medication called Plavix. You need a subscription for it, though. What it does is it makes your veins slippery so that the plaque can not stick to them and build up.