How does one improve almonds?

I have decided to eat more almonds for snacks (health benefits), but they are flavourless and unappetizing on their own. Any ideas to help me eat more almonds that keep the snack relatively healthy?

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  1. dryheatdave Says:

    Buy them FRESH – they're awesome. Don't bother with all the "treated" almonds. Just get them fresh.

    Eat them slowly & savour them. Don't rush them.

  2. xoxo Says:

    Roasted ones. Unroasted ones are disgusting!
    If you don't like almonds, try switching the nuts. Cashews, peanuts, walnuts, etc. They're similar in nutrient content. If you're aiming for more protein and just can't stand nuts, then eat low-fat dairy like cheese sticks or yogurt, or flavored hummus and crackers (it sounds gross, but I just tried it the other day, and it's good!)

  3. Ruth S Says:

    I have heard that soaking raw, organic almonds in purified water for 24 hours makes them taste better and be more nutritious. Also, since almonds are alkalizing and have other health benefits, why not just give them a chance to "grow on you"? Not everything has to be earth-shakingly delicious for you to enjoy it.

  4. cece Says:

    eat nonsalted sunflower seeds instead
    theyre soooooo goooooood and they are good for you too
    cant stop eating them

  5. dee Says:

    1 cup sugar to three cups almonds, heat in large heavy metal pan over med heat.(w/ some pam) continue to stir and heat sugar and almonds. cook around 10-15 mins until almonds are light brown. place candied almonds on a large peice of foil covered well.. with pam or other nonstick spray. continue to mix up cooling nuts so that they dont clup together. danger..cooling candied nuts are very hot. getting melted sugar on you really add more sugar if you wish..

  6. Doodlestuff Says:

    If you think almonds are flavorless and unappetizing, then you need to go to the natural foods section and get bulk almonds. If that is what you already have, then you need to consider if you are overspicing all your other foods. This habit often makes more delicate flavors less detectable. Almonds have a wonderful flavor and that's saying something considering that I lost my sense of smell 10 years ago.

    I use unroasted almonds.