How does the body get rid of plaque in arteries?

What is the natural way the body gets rid of plaque in the arteries? How fast does it happen? Does it happen at all? I can’t find any answers in the past yahoo questions or any online searching. What’s the process called if it does get rid of it? I know there are things to lower your cholesterol, but I don’t want an answer on cholesterol, just plaque. Thanks 🙂

One Response to “How does the body get rid of plaque in arteries?”

  1. SJ12305 Says:

    From what I have learned, you can’t really get rid of plaque, at least not in a nautrally safe way. Sometimes the plaque can break off your arteries and start floating in the blood stream, a condition called embolism. Even though you don’t have the plaque attached to your arteries, it definitely is not something you want. The plaque can block your arteries and cause a heart attack.