How serious is the coronary artery disease?can we remove atherosclerotic plaque by any methods?

can we dissolve this plaque with medicines?Is angiogram necessary to get a clear view.How the soft plaque get detached and block blood?Is any treatment effective for CAD?What precaution is to be taken after a MI?How type11 DM aggravate the situation?Is CAD a disease run in families?I want to get all information about it.

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  1. dr_ markgreene Says:

    wel we are all searching for clear reason of plaque formation and there are many theories about that .We now know, that there are many factors, whcih predispose a person to form palques like age , male gender, familay history , raised lepid level , hypertion,Dm ect. Palque it self contains a liped leden cells in the lumen of the arties, when it obstruct the lumen to significant digree, jeoperdizing blood flow to muscles ,it causes ishemia and patient feel pain. There are many none invasive test to detect digree of obstruction in a given orgen but angiography is still a gold standerd .There are many studies which shown that if above mention factors , especialy liped level is controled ,plaque formation can be halted and to some extent, regression have been observed. As u said, palque it self is soft and not like artrial wall so it cannot withstand presssure of blood flow and can rapture easily .
    YES there are many drugs which is used for symptomatic relief , other are used to halt the progression of athersclerosis and invasive prcedure like PTCA and CABAG are used when drugs failed, Or not situable . DM is major resk factor, this disease, it self is a cause of small artial disease and liped oxidation, producing a form of LDL cholestrol which has greator tendcy to form palque.
    After MI patient need life style modification with the help of ditietian , rehibilitational centre, which will guide a excercise program for him, stoping smmoking and controling agressivly the above mention factors if he have . His cardiologest HAS THE RESPONSIBLITY to asses the extent of disease and advise him, wether he will take medicine or he has to go for intervention like PTCA.Symptom limited excersise tests like ETT and cardiac SCAN usualy help him and the patient to make descion . Some of the medicine patient has to take life long and they are found to decrease the possibilty of second attack .
    yes CAD RUNS in families like a polygenetic trait and it is one of the risk factor for CAD.

  2. Greed_2.0 Says:

    Kills over 30% of people and is 99% diet related.

  3. barbara Says:

    This isn't the proper venue for such a detailed question. There are many excellent web sites to give you all the info you desire.

  4. alla Says:

    .really serious…yes a anagram is very necessary…all that fatty food you eat no sticks to the wall of the artery and after years of build KO you.they put in a stint.then will put you on meds.which is plavix,and 81 mg of aspirin..and yes it runs in your family…i know first hand,for this happen to me…

  5. Chuong Seng Ly Says:

    At the time being,if the cause is really from the blood coagulation obstruction,is diagnosed quickly after the heart attack,We use Heparine injection slowly,with precarious state of care,we will see the result.