How seriously should I take expiry dates on health supplements?

I have some Saw Palmetto exp 04/01 and Vit C exp 08/04. Are they safe to consume and do they lose potency with age?

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12 Responses to “How seriously should I take expiry dates on health supplements?”

  1. gbiaki Says:

    depends on the drug as to whether it becomes less effective or downright toxic. Play it safe and throw them away. Go to the doctors and get a new prescription or buy them from a pharmacist if they are not prescription drugs.

  2. julie t Says:

    dont work after expiry date and could cause you problems if the contents have broken down

  3. Muruks Says:

    they do lose potency by age. it will have complications if consumed after exp dt.

  4. Niall O Says:

    dump them..why take the risk……you do not know what conditions they were stored under….heat, damp, etc

  5. SubJ Says:

    They do loose potency with the passage of time. May not be unsafe but why take chances.

  6. sunshine Says:

    yours are away out of date dump them and get some more to be on the safe side

  7. Donna M Says:

    I’m not sure if they’re still safe, but they absolutely do lose potency with age. Don’t take the chance, go get some fresh ones

  8. MARY A Says:

    Very serious cause it means ur life .don’t consume

  9. roly Says:

    It depends what they are.What you have will be safe (they are more natural products that you could get from eating fruit) but will reduce in potency over time. But I would get the prostate checked out (if that’s what it is for).

  10. RedSoxFan Says:

    They may lose effectiveness past the expiration date, and I’ve heard that some can even cause you to become ill. I’ve been told that you should discard anything that you would ingest after the expiry date.

  11. thunderchild67 Says:

    Never ever take herbal remedies of any kind past their expiry date this can be very very dangerous .

  12. kathy_is_a_nurse Says:

    I would doubt the potency of any supplement that’s more than a year past its expiration date.

    As to your second question: If the capsule/pill hasn’t been affected by moisture, they are usually safe to take, just not as potent.