How to clean out arteries naturally?

7 Responses to “How to clean out arteries naturally?”

  1. newfangled_04 Says:

    boost your antioxidant intake by eating more vegetables (preferably 2 of different colours) twice a day. Green tea and fruits (esp. berries) are packed with them too. Antioxidants helps to protect ur blood vessels…repairing them and reducing the rate of further damage

  2. lisabug7777 Says:

    Coconut oil, olive oil
    NO vegetable oil or hydrogenated oils

    no msg

  3. Mad Roy Says:

    read: Forty Something Forever


    look up Chelation Therapy on Wikpedia

  4. Roy Says:

    Rule 1 of course, if you smoke, stop now.

  5. frank d Says:

    doctors had my uncle eat potato's 4 a week but still sounds like eating vegetables

  6. giggling.willow Says:

    its impossible to clean out arteries with foods or diet, but you can improve your health by eating a well balanced diet.

    good luck to you!

  7. PureCleanse Detox Says:

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