how to drink pomegranate juice?

so i decided to give this juice a try since theres so many health benefits to it. i just bought a bottle of 100% concentrate pomegranate juice, and it taste REALLY sour, so my question is am i suppose to mix this with water or something? cause it really taste kind of bad. i know this is kind of a stupid question but i never drink any other juice besides orange juice in the cartons.

any help is appreciated

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  1. mag44.rm Says:

    I drink pomegranate juice and it is not sour. Check to see since it is concentrated if you are to mix it with water. Otherwise it is bad pomegranate juice and you should take it back to he store for a refund or replacement. BTW, it is kind of expensive and really not worth the price. You can mix it with other juices to stretch your supply.

  2. ~*Vamp Filly*~ Says:

    It should tell you on the bottle if you need to, but I think not as pomegranate juice is always sour!

  3. && Says:

    You just throwback, right?

  4. kclightman Says:

    You could cut it with some white grape juice or diet 7up. That would add sweetness without harming the benefits.

  5. k.kaufman37 Says:

    yumm. pomegranate juice. pomegranate juice is naturally bitter. so try mixing it with some grape juice or some other sweeter juice.

  6. Suzanna Says:

    Personally, I really like it mixed with a little Vodka in a pretty martini glass, but, if you’re not 21, then perhaps with a little Sprite or 7up.

    You can also add some with crushed ice in a blender with orange juice for a nice smoothie.

    Hope that helps.