How to eat apples, despite allergy?

I would love to eat apples raw, not only for the taste but also for the numerous health benefits. I used to be able to eat this super food when I was a kid. However, since the last 10 years, whenever I eat even a small bite, I get swelling of lip and minor swelling in my throat. I also have similar reaction to other fruits and nuts as well, such as plums, nectarine, peaches, pears, cherries, some strawberries, almonds and cashews. I used to be able to eat all of these as a child. But now I am only allergic to these when they are raw. I have no issues with juices (not freshly squeezed) or foods containing these. Any suggestions on what I should do? (I have asked my doctor, and he said just don’t eat these foods and I will not have allergic reaction.)

3 Responses to “How to eat apples, despite allergy?”

  1. pennypincher Says:

    You have what is called oral allergy syndrome. It is linked with pollen allergies. Do you get hayfever in the spring and early summer? Allergy desensitization shots can cause this to go away, but it takes several years of shots. I used to be allergic to nearly all raw fruits and vegetables, plus I had severe hayfever. I got allergy desensitization shots. After being on the shots for five years, my allergy to raw fruits and vegetables went away!

  2. joseph.foust Says:

    I would strongly suggest that since apples, etc., etc., cause an allergic reaction in you, that you don’t eat these foods and that way you will not have allergic reaction. But you should not trust me, I am just a stranger on the internet! You should ask your doctor, and follow his or her advice!

  3. Dearsombody Says:

    well you dont want to overwhelm yourself with eating them. and you can devolp allergies at anypoint in your life. i just got mine a few months ago. you could try grilling them, or frying them. like fried bananas. ive heard of it somewhere. also have you tried pomergranites. the’re very good for you. but messy. you could sleo try, baking them like in the apple pie way. only not a pie. somthing along that line. then add some topping to it. you could go to the doctors and see what spicfaclly you are allergic to about them. since you arent when they have been cooked.