How to get a stubborn father with plaque in arteries to Dr?

He had an initial test at work and they referred him to another doctor because he has plaque in his carotid arteries. My father is only in his 50’s and he will not go to the doctor. My mother and I are afraid he will stroke. How can we get him to realize how serious this is?

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  1. mshatswell Says:

    First of all, as sad as it may sound it is his life and his decision. BUT. If you were my daughter and came to me in tears explaining to me that I was the only source of strength in your life and you still had things to learn from me I would probably get down to the dr.=) Seriously, the procedure is not that bad and he will feel 20 years younger. My grandma had it done and she was in no pain and was very happy she did it. Good luck sweetie, and sit in his lap and hug him so he can feel the tears.=)

  2. Pebbles Says:

    My dad is just as stubborn. We tried getting him to go get everything checked out but he wouldn’t go. He was scared of the procedures he would have to go through, Maybe your dad is just afraid of the same thing. Talk to him about it and tell him how this is effecting you and your mother.

    One thing you can do is pray for him. Prayer changes things.

    Secondly, encourage him to eat foods that are good for him. Jalapeno peppers are good for unclogging arteries.

    Make sure he stays away from any greasy foods, (hamburgers, steaks) basically anything that has a lot cholesterol.

    I will definitely pray for your dad.

  3. onlymatch4u Says:

    Plaque build up in the arteries is from inflammation. Processed foods are what cause heart disease. There is a very tiny bacteria called nanobacteria that is found in cooked food that causes this inflammation. Cholesterol (primarily LDL) is a low density lipid protein that the body makes to transport fatty acids to the inflammation site to fix it. The blood is basically made of water and oil does not mix with water, so the body has cholesterol that allows the fatty acids to attach to it, deliver the fatty acids to the inflammation site. Cholesterol is a form of alcohol and mixes with water nicely. It’s a very good system.

    If your father is deficient in cholesterol, he will be susceptible to stroke. This is because the inflammation site will not get repaired properly. This is why these cholesterol lower drugs are so dangerous. They promote strokes. Is it no wonder strokes are now #3 top killer in the U.S.

    It is the inflammation you need to address with your father. He needs to understand what is causing this problem. I don’t know him, nor have I met him, but I’m going to guess he has an indigestion problem as well, like acid reflux or heart burn. If he does, contact me. I can help with both issues.

    good luck to you

  4. I Have Parasites Says:

    Simple. Tell him that when you die, it is like sleeping, FOREVER. You will never see or hear another thing, EVER. Perhaps he will go get checked out to have a few more years of life? I would.