I am planning on drinking alcohol for the first time in my life (honestly) to overcome depression of being si?

I am planning on drinking alcohol for the first time in my life (honestly) to overcome depression of being single and ugly. I have never tasted alcohol ever in my life. I have lost my self-esteem and can’t get over someone that left me. I don’t want to be with anyone else.

I have never had a drink before because it’s against my religion, but I feel too overwhelmed about my personal issues to care about my religion. I decided that I will live my life regardless and I will not commit suicide.

Which alcohol is the best to buy in a can? I was thinking of Carl’s burg to be my first drink or should I go for wine.

I’m planning to lock the door in my room to have the drink so that my family does not find out.

I am 19 years old and need some advice. I have had enough of life. I don’t want to be an alcoholic but I want to have a drink at least once a week. I am not planning on going to a pub because I am too shy.

Does alcohol make you happy? Is it addictive? I herd alcohol is a depressive as opposed to a stimulant, how can that make you happy?

Plus I want my brain to be in good health because I am studying at uni.

Plz don’t give me any silly answers.
Thanks a lot

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  1. SAM O.B.E. Says:

    If you are suffering from depression the alcohol is not a good idea

  2. Robin Says:

    hold in there – dont give up your faith or religion. Maybe this is to test your faith.

    Check the news out – binge drinking – do you want to be like that?
    Just follow your faith (whatever that maybe)

  3. globar Says:

    Alcohol is a depressant…..

  4. The Unnamed One Says:

    you are 19 and depressed at being single? when you’re 40 you’ll wish you never started dating!

    no that’s a silly answer I’m sorry, but drinking is NOT the answer. It will only make you ill and depressed and will affect your studies if you overdo it. you have plenty of time to find a partner, i’m sorry it did not work out but that is a part of life and you WILL get over it. we’ve all been there and it’s part of the learning process.

    Your heart is broken and that’s human, but it’s not worth starting drinking for otherwise every time something goes wrong in your life in future you will turn to drinking. The best thing to do is pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep going. concentrate on your studies and your heart will heal in time

  5. Tessa A Says:

    An emotional crisis is definitely not the time to start drinking, especially if you don’t want to become an alcoholic. I am sorry about your personal problems–I know life can be overwhelming, but I don’t think alcohol will fix anything–it will perhaps make everything worse. I pray that you find comfort and peace. God bless.

  6. Loobyloo Says:

    I dont think alcohol will make you happy, it tends to enhance any feelings, so if you are already happy it will make you merry, if you are already down it will probably make you more down.
    I think you need conselling to boost your moral, and confidence. Until then, maybe put the alcohol on hold for a wee while.

  7. garybuckwell Says:

    it will help for a while then you will come dependant on it then you will get even more depressed then you will go downhill fast if your lucky you will snap out of it if not god help you seen it all b4 lol bad rd to go down dont do it

  8. jessi Says:

    nooo! are you serious??? drinking is the WORST THING you can do if you’re depressed. haven’t you ever seen or known an alcoholic before? sounds like you need to go get happy. pure and simple. you cant possible say you’ve had enough of life, you just havent found something in life to make you happy. i can see how you’ve had enough of people, i need occasional breaks from society, but the world is so huge and full of so many things that if you lived for 100 years you wouldnt get enough of it. think you need a life change, be it religious, career-wise, w/e it takes. sometimes a person may not know themselves at all.

  9. mikem Says:


  10. TERA Says:

    Yes alcohol is VERY addictive, and long term use can cause brain damage (see Korsakoff’s and Wernicke’s syndromes.) Don’t self-medicate for depression with alcohol- that’s how many alcoholics get started. No one ever thinks they’ll become an addict.

    If you really are that depressed, try getting out of the house and doing something with your friends…or engage yourself in a hobby. Anything to take your mind off of your troubles. Even if you don’t feel like doing anything (and when you’re depressed, that’s a common thing to face)- make yourself. Even if you think you won’t have fun, get up, go out, and do something anyway. That’s how you beat depression. Not by drinking. You don’t want to add more problems to the one you’ve got. Alcohol will only be a temporary fix. It won’t cure depression. In the long run it will only make it worse. Trust me, I know. I’ve been here.

    Good luck!

  11. xyzzybaluba Says:

    Alcohol is a depressant…seriously! It does not make you happy, it diminishes your inhibitions…making you do things you normally would not do. BTW, it does kill brain cells.

    Enjoy being single and ugly…I do every day!!! Anybody who makes you cry isn’t worth your time, those who are worth your time will not make you cry.

    Everyone goes thru an awkard stage. One more piece of sage advise…all the girls/guys get better looking at closing time.

    But if you are serious about trying alcohol. Start with a nice fruity wine.

  12. Domino Says:

    The devil would love nothing better than to see you go down that road…drinking under those conditions will only lead to alcoholism…you think you have problems now…

    Now ‘is’ the time to hang on to your beliefs…I don’t know what you mean when you say ‘religion’….but if you’re a Christian then by all means dig in to God, don’t turn your back on Him…

    He will free you from the bondage of depression and keep you from the bondage of alcoholism…You’re young, don’t let satan blind you from the truth. God has a better plan for you and if you will only trust HIM, He will bring you through this time!

  13. Okaydokay21 Says:

    Well you’ve never had it how do you that it will relieve any pain.. understand this that alcohol is a drug and if you get a addicted you will destroy yourself and your relationship with others, its healthy enough to drink socially with others but to do it for your reasoning is pretty stupid. Quite honestly I think you need to grow up a little and get over it… everyone has a soul mate or someone for them so this person who obviously found good cause to hit the road isn’t your life’s blood…. and probably isn’t worth hurting your body and mind over…. If you plan to study anywhere and be serious don’t drink cause it will hurt any chances of that!!! I have seen it happen to a lot of people… do yourself a favour get back on the bus, make yourself over and live your life

  14. Burns Says:

    Ok, first of all, Alcohol will just treat your life apart more than fix it.

    It is a depressant, which means that you will become even worse then you are already.

    Instead of drowning your problems in drink, try and fix them and get your life in track.

    A doctor can be useful here, you may have a condition where it can be fixed by medication or counseling.

    Best of Luck.

  15. Louise Says:

    Alcohol isn’t the answer, you should know this. Look on the internet about stuff what alcohol does to your liver etc, especially when it’s against your religion you wouldn’t want your family to find out because if they did then they’d disown you or never forgive you would you want to risk that because of drink?? Try going to therapy, drinking tastes horrible but it can make you feel good too, but only for a short time before you get addicted to it which is much easier than you think! I used 2 go out partying every weekend for about 2months and i’ve stopped for 3months because i’m scared of getting addicted as i was starting to become dependant on it… If you go to see someone about this they will help you get over the loss of the person who left you and will help you not become an alcoholic and help you with other issues, it’s only a rough patch in your life in 10 years you’ll wonder why you ever jepordised everything for a drink of beer.

  16. Cynical_Student Says:

    Firstly, getting drunk won’t solve any of your problems so I wouldn’t be getting drunk, espeically alone and with your door locked.

    Alcohol is a stimulant, and is addictive but effects people in different ways. It doesn’t make everyone happy.

    I get very happy after I’ve had a few, but my sister just gets angry – and neither of us feel all that happy after a long night on the razz.

    If you’re feeling low, alchol is not the answer. Seek counslling and talk to your parents.

  17. panndora Says:

    You are Way overthinking this event. Get some booze drink it till you get drunk, puke and see how the experience was for you. Repeat if neccesary.

  18. goldenseaman Says:

    if u think drinking alcohols well make u super man you are wrong … it well make you weak…and if you think it well drawn your sorrow you are wrong because it floats back on the surface with the bubbles … if u think throwing up and headache in the morning well make you happy you are wrong because its discussting u dont want to do this to yourself …think twise before doing it … be a man and say no!

  19. michalis x Says:

    basicly, it’s not certain that you will feel better drinking alcohol,it’s posible that you will feel worse, but anyway I suggest carlsburg too (I like it very much).
    Yes, alcohol is addictive but a dring once a week won’t do any harm.
    Also if you don’t want to go against your religion you can try marijuana too(it’s healthier and not addictive but like the alcohol it’s not certain that it will make you feel better) and remember whatever you do not to overdo it

  20. farleyjackmaster Says:

    I am a recoveirng alcoholic I would not recommend drinking alcoholic to over come feelings of depression or low self esteem, it will only make matters 10 times worse. Just because one relationship hasn’t worked out doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, you’re a good person it’s just the relationship that didn’t work out. Hundreds of people around the world split up everyday you are not alone with the way you feel at the moment but time is a great healer and you will be stronger for this experience. The same thing has happened to me and I have learnt a lot. look after yourself :o)

  21. Kamishi Says:

    Sometimes getting very drunk, although it is bad for you it can just give you a few hours reprieve from your troubles. I have to admit though it can make you feel worse and often does (but generally not till the next day when you have a hangover). As for the religious side of things, you have to look at the reason your faith suggests you shouldn’t drink and evaluate that with your actual knowledge and weigh it up for yourself. You make your own decisions, no one can do that for you… Good luck:-) And if you do decide to drink, try something not too strong, because your alcohol tolerance will be low and you’ll probably vomit. Something like lambrini (white fizzy wine) in a screw top bottle or A bottle of vodka with a mixer so you can make it as strong or as weak as you like- with orange, cola, cranberry or tonic etc..