i am so fatigued but i have had insomnia throughout the night!?

I could not get to sleep at all last night i did not drink any stimulant or anything like that. I had insomnia and i have tried everything to try and fall asleep but yet i cannot my brain does not feel real this whole world right now does nt feel real. i am so tried but cannot sleep what should/can i do? PLEASE Help! Will choose best answer! THANKS!

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  1. *TTC #3* Says:

    wow, we're like the same in two different bodies.

    I can sleep all day long, but when it comes to the nighttime. once the sun goes down i'm full of energy. Let me just say i do not sleep all day, but i could sleep all day b/c i'm tired. I take care of my kids all day and they are 1.5 and 3, so i'm very busy all day long.
    Last night i forced myself to go to bed at 10. i didn't fall asleep until 11:30 only to be woken back up at 12 by my crying son. Then again at 2 for my daugher and then at 5 for my husbands alarm clock and again at 9 this mornign w hen my kids woke up.
    Sure i am getting some sleep, but it is so broken up and once i wake up it takes another 45 minutes to fall back asleep. my mind races. i do have a script for xanax which helps calm my mind while i'm trying to go to bed. But i wake up groggy after that . I was put on ambien to help, but it had a reverse affect and i could stay up till 3 am cleaning and doing stuff all over the house.

    I think the first response you got will probably help alot, but it takes alot of effort and i haven't gotten myself around to do that. When i'm really bad i drink nyquil to pass out.

  2. Ty Says:

    Key three things that trigger insomnia..stress, diet, and health (physical). Stress loads at work are going to keep your mind rolling even though physically you are drained. Try planning (in writing ie daily planner) out each day of the week. So you aren't spending time during each day figuring out what to do. Organization will help a ton! plan, plan, and plan some more…take one day of the week to figure out your upcoming week. If you are eating fatty, sugary foods that include a ton of empty calories, your body won't have enough vit. and minerals, and energy to feed off of. You need a healthy breakfast, Protein, carbs, and dairy (egg, cereal or oatmeal, banana). Also find a well rounded daily vitamin for your micro nutrients(you need micro vits.)
    Iron deficiency is common too ( lean read meat will solve that). One way to see if your iron is low, check the inside of your eye lids (pull down your bottom eye lid, and the tissue should be pink, if it is white..anemia could be one problem. Also, you need at least 30 min. of cardio 3 times a week. That will help dramatically, even a fast paced walk works great! Don't eat Chocolate before bed (contains caffeine) and watch the caffeine products through out the day.
    I hope this helps, and if you need more info, ask me. This is still very brief

  3. GREEK CIGAR Says:

    First of all relax. If it was only one night its not a big deal , are you under stress or something ? Dont worry, let yourself relax, try a hot bath or chocolate drink, dont go to bed if u r not sleepy, think of something u really like and u will eventually fall asleep.

  4. BetaLi Says:

    That does happen when we don't sleep, our senses get altered and reality seems distant.

    If you can't sleep you can try to meditate, it doesn't replace sleep but it's a very good alternative.

    Lay down somewhere, close your eyes and focus on your breathing, whenever you start thinking about anything else that's not how the air goes in/out tell yourself that you will be checking that out later.
    Do this for as long as you feel comfortable (I do it for an hour).

    Also try not to get very stressed over it because that fuels insomnia.