I can’t SLEEP, can anyone help?

I am always fidgeting during the day and when I go to bed it doesn't change. I roll around and tap my foot on the edge of the bed. I can't seem to settle down or slow my brain down. I don't drink coffee or take any stimulants. What will make me drift off? BTW, I don't like meds.

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  1. Tott Paula Says:

    Sounds like you're still wired up. I hate to say it, but you might need a bit of help to sleep. It's called anxiety, and it runs in my family.

    Lets see, restless, racing thoughts, insomnia, wired up feeling, fidgety… sounds right to me.

    If you're really against any type of medication, try chamomile tea, getting lots of fresh air during the day, walking and getting enough exercise too.

    If you are doing all the right things and still are restless, you can try a common non habit forming medication like Benadryl. It makes most people sleepy, without feeling sedated.

    You might want to investigate this with your doctor, it may or may not mean something, but best to go over it with a professional.

    A definition is as follows:
    "Generalized anxiety disorder – Excessive and unrealistic worry over a period of at least 6 months associated with 3 of the following: Restlessness Easy fatigue Difficulty concentrating Irritability Muscle tension Sleep disturbances "

  2. yesyes251 Says:

    try jacking off, that oughta do it….

  3. Charming18. Says:

    Have you tried meditating? It's very useful for when you want to shut your brain off, it takes patience and practice however. Try clenching every muscle in your body and then letting each of them relax one by one slowly. Warm milk helps because of a chemical called triptofane in casin which is found in milk, triptofane causes drowsiness and that's sometime what nursing mothers feed to their babies when trying to get them to sleep. Maybe you should try exercising to a point of exhurtion before you go to bed so that you are physically worn out and you're brain will shut down with your body. If all else fails, you might try taking something like a cough syrup like Nyquil or something that can at least aid you in getting a good night's rest.

  4. amembal4444 Says:

    Massage your scalp with warm hair oil. Then lightly massage your forehead and neck. Use crescent magnets on your eyes and forehead for 15 mins on each. This will induce sleep.
    If you are married or have anyone at home who can massage your back, then get it done.
    Keep your mind cool. Meditate just before you go to bed.
    Try yoga, it helps. Do not eat a heavy meal before going to bed.
    Walk after your last meal.
    It looks like you think a lot. If you have an hyper active brain, it is difficult to go to bed. So try and relax.

  5. wonderer Says:

    Tylenol used to help me – it would help relax. Then later when they invented the pm's I would take that. You don't like meds but sometimes it's hard to get to sleep when our minds are racing and we can't controll them well. I no longer need assistance, well most of the time I don't, but when I feel I do – I will at least take one PM to make sure I do get some sleep. It's worse when you go to work or school the next day if you don't.

    Other sleeping pills tend to make it very hard for me to wake up the next morning…but I don't have that problem with the PM's or tyelenol. Even no name brand PM's worked for me, but if it was not a PM – normally the good brand tyelenol did the trick.

    You need your sleep! Good luck!

  6. Smile!, For the Camera=] Says:

    Try the new swedish beds, Tempur Pedic.
    they really work, remote controls and everything.


  7. ronk Says:

    you sound like you have too much anxiety. try settling down into a routine at night and dont go to bed till you are very tired. herbal teas like sleeptime or sweet dreams are comfy cozy ones and a yogurt will help too

  8. ridin n smokin Says:

    you said u dont liek meds but if u decide to give them a try xanax is the way to go…trust me youl wake up feeling like you slept on a cloud…also a low dose of them might help mellow you out through the day, but talk to a doc as they are relatively expensive on the street

  9. Click Says:

    Try a sleep tape that directs your breathing and thoughts. If that's too difficult for you try a music tape to fall asleep to. Something with a very regular beat that lasts a while. Try a mass by J.S. Bach, or his Goldberg Variations, written for a Nobleman with sleep problems over two centuries ago.


  10. Dr. Albert, DDS (UNITED STATES) Says:


  11. L.M.L Says:

    You might have insomnia. I'm just like you. It takes me a few hours before I go to sleep and I usually wake up within in hour.

  12. Thoreson2334 Says:

    I have had troubles with sleeplessness (is that a word?) on and off for a few years now. It comes and goes and I don't know what causes it. I agree with Charming18's post about meditation. Sometimes you just need to take a few moments to sit and relax or meditate and reflect on the day. This can help calm your brain and your body, and clear out the jumble of things that have gotten jumbled in your head throughout the day. Turning off the tv for a while and letting your self take in your surroundings can do wonders for your peace of mind. If none of this helps and you still cant seem to shut your brain off try writing down what you are thinking in a notebook, kind of like in gradeschool when your teacher would have you just write whatever you wanted for ten minutes to help you brainstorm. Anything that will help your brain to release some of its energy. If you still have trouble I found good info on this site about insomnia as well, check it out and see if it helps:


    Anyway, try different things, sometimes it takes something different each night to get me to fall asleep. I hope some of this helps. Good to you in your efforts.

  13. Filiberto Keef Says:

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