Recommendations on some effective natural treatment for Blood Pressure. Your opinion please?

I want a more sustainable natural way of dealing with blood pressure than using prescription drugs which tends to only suppress the symptoms. Surgery is very expensive and many people cannot afford. If the arteries are blocked, is there any natural means by which they can naturally be cleaned to bring relief to the person?

5 Responses to “Recommendations on some effective natural treatment for Blood Pressure. Your opinion please?”

  1. Richard F Says:

    Reduce salt intake. Very natural, but a little difficult.
    Proper exercise. Very natural, a little difficult and probably necessary. If these don’t work, then it is drugs.
    Huge myths about diet and herbs. Beware.

  2. RosieGrow Says:

    Hypertension is rarely treated with surgery. I would recommend keeping your weight at a reasonable level, don’t smoke and learn relaxation techniques.
    I have seen patients who have brought their BP down to normal limits using just these strategies.

  3. alec. Says:

    surgery cannot cure have to follow medication,mild excercise and fat free diet.

  4. Dr Frank Says:

    Firstly arterial surgery has nothing to do with raised blood pressure.

    Being ideal weight, taking regular vigorous exercise and reducing salt intake all help to lower blood pressure.

    However once a patient has established hypertension sensible, proven, conventional therapies are the only option. To dabble with other types of pseudo-scientific rubbish Will only put yourself at risk of heart attack or stroke!

  5. dog'n'2cats Says:

    I’m not aware of any surgical route – can’t make any sense of that but you can easily lower your blood pressure with homoeopathy. You will need to consult with a registered practitioner – it’s not something you can treat yourself. Go to to find a local therapist who WILL be able to help you. I treat at least 5 cases a week & it’s rare that we don’t make significant improvements within a couple of treatments. No nasty side effects & tablets for life – just a nice gentle cure.