I need a natural remedy for Plaque forming in the arteries in my legs?

I had tests run on my circulation, I've got high colesterol and plaque forming in my leg arteries. I don't use chemical meds I need something natural???? Something to scrub the plaque, I use Omega3-6-9 and eco-pure coral calcium now.

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  1. Michelle G Says:

    Dean Ornish's diet plan makes the claim that it can reverse plaque formation. Pritikin makes the same claim. Both of these plans have very low fat, and no refined anything.

    Best of luck renewing your health!

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  3. Elaine F Says:

    i have heard eating raw walnuts helps

  4. chapaton Says:

    How about a glass of red wine every night at dinner.

  5. m_if_you_please Says:

    I think you should search out a doctor and then take whatever treatment he recommends; Evan if it is a chemical.
    I recently had a relative who died from bad circulation in the legs, and I am concerned about your health if you refuse to take an effective treatment.
    Approved medications are thoroughly tested and probably safer than any natural substance you will be recommended on the Internet.

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  7. Jill Says:

    Natural remedy? Well, aspirin will help. Vitamin E is good for blood flow.