if i loose weight, will i reduce plaque in my arteries?

Ok,,,,so lately, ive been getting this wierd uncomfortable feeling near my heart, Not too big that it distracts me from my day (infact, i barely notice sometimes. I am overweight so i was wondering if i excercise and eat healthier (like cheerios for breakfist) will i not feel the thing anymore? And yes, i will go see the doctor.

2 Responses to “if i loose weight, will i reduce plaque in my arteries?”

  1. Rhianna_Returns Says:

    Obviously you do need to see your Doctor. Losing weight and adopting a healthy diet + exercise will prevent FURTHER atheroma (plaque) build up in the arteries, but it won't have much impact on existing plaque that is already in the arteries.

  2. abfabmom1 Says:

    Well, it seems you have a couple of questions.

    First of all, let's clarify that the uncomfortable feeling near your heart is not necessarily plaque in your arteries. It could be something as minor as acid reflux disease, so don't panic just yet. I'm glad to know you're planning on seeing your doctor.

    Will losing weight reduce plaque in your arteries? No, but the lifestyle changes you make in order to lose weight probably will. Plaque is a result of high cholesterol. High cholesterol is most often treated by improving the diet, and increasing the exercise level. By coincidence, these things will help your cholesterol level, and help you lose weight. Two goals, one common treatment. 🙂

    Will exercising and losing weight make that feeling in your chest go away? That's impossible for us to tell without having the doctor's diagnosis. But it can't hurt!