If you think that you might have plaque buildup in your arteries?

what causes plaque buildup in the arteries? Does high cholesterol do it? Do you have to see a cardiologist to determine that? What tests do they do to see clogged arteries? Can they do certain blood work to determine that?

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  1. tri2bSane1 Says:

    1. Arteriosclerosis, (arterial plaque) is from high fat diet,(animal derived fats, hydrogenated oils r the worst), cholesterol, clotting factors, other "pollutants" build plaque in arteries;
    High cholesterol intake, (saturated fats), + cholesterol we make, (w/ our livers), it is converted to LDH & VLDH – porous molecules of cholesterol that get "stuck" in an artery, & cause the build up, & attract other pollutants;
    2. if u have pain in ur chest, c cardiologist in emergency room, in other words, call 911!!! Not sure if it is occasional chest pain, vs. heartburn,w/ other signs & symptoms, (shortness of breath, dizziness, pain radiating to arm, neck, back, etc.), schedule a immediate appointment w/ ur physician, or cardiologist, (if u don’t need referral);
    3. Basic tests they will most likely run: electrocardiogram, (which is EKG or ECG),
    Basic Blood Tests: complete cholesterol panel, (usually known as fasting lipid profile); complete blood count w/ differential, (CBCD); cardiac enzymes, (CKMB/CKMI, troponin I); coagulation profile, (APTT, PT, INR);
    If they find any elevated levels, abnormal EKG (along w/ ur chest pain), they may do scans, to determine how bad is ur plaque, (including heart, brain, major organs artheries);
    If they find extensive occlusions in major artheries, they will do invasive interventions to spread & stent the arteries, or scrape plaque, if waranted & possible;

  2. eagle Says:

    The test is very easy. All your doctor will do is a blood test and may be a stress test. It is no big deal. Now, call your doctor. 😉

  3. colbuck8toes Says:

    I have it for sure. One time when I had blood drawn the syringe sucked up this thing from my veins that looked like an alien life form it was about an inch long. the phlebotomist said it was a piece of plaque that broke loose

  4. ConansOwner Says:

    A doctor will send you for a blood draw. It takes just a minute for them to fill a very small vial of your blood. The blood sample is tested. The doctor should go over the results with you on the HDL, LDL, triglycerides and total cholesterol numbers and what they mean.

    not a doctor. not medically trained.

  5. TedEx Says:

    Cholesterol is the main culprit.
    Any dr can write a script fo to have your cholesterol checked..
    If he suspects clogged arteries, he can do an EKG, and, most Dr’s can do it right in their office.
    If he suspects something more , he would a stress test/EKG with dye
    and this is something that the cardiologist would have to do. The reason: this requires equipment that most Dr’s do not have in their office.

    Some buildup is nothing to worry about— it shouldn’t be overlooked,and follow up is a good idea.I have it, and the dr suggested another stress test in 3 years,.Meanwhile, I’m on aspirin and an anticholesterol medication.-and probably will be forever.