I'm hearing a lot of good things about health/diet supplements. Anybody have some good ones to suggest?

I want to lose weight before New Years’, but I need something that will help me lose weight faster. I already diet as well as exercise. I’m just looking for a little boost in my weight loss efforts.

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  1. Kali Says:

    Silly bots. Anyway, I’ve read some pretty good reviews about Fit Zone Advanced, it seems to be a lot of buzz about it on the net. It’s funny when it comes to diet pills/supplements, most people don’t like them and say that they don’t work.

    I just don’t go for that, in my opinion most people are too lazy to realize that it is a supplement, not a miracle. If you are realistic about what to expect, you won’t get your heartbroken. Diet pills aid you in your weight loss, it doesn’t cause it.

  2. Ryan Says:

    I’ve checked out every diet known to man but nothing worked as effectively as acai berry. I know they say that pills won’t work, but they definitely worked for me, and they have been featured on the Rachael Ray Show too. There is a free trial happening currently at http://gijeps.fitnesspage.info , try it, why not?

  3. qwiktruk Says:

    just wait…some BOT will advertise Acai berry

    edit…crap he beat me.

    FYI…just stick with the diet and exercise

  4. Scooby Dooby Doooo Says:

    3 cups of green tea a day and 2 cups of cranberry juice will help some. Also fasting if you do it the correct way is a great way to jump start your metabolism. Just read into it if you decide to try it.

    Acai berry really does help but it should be frozen pulp, if it isn’t then it loses it’s health benefits. Walmart used to sell it in a pulp smoothie from Sambazon and it tasted sooo good and helped me lose 5 lbs but it took like 10 bottles of it and it cost $7. a bottle so….not sure it was worth it lol.

  5. shayan Says:

    no pills … they are all shit

  6. AussieGIRL♥ Says:

    Don’t take them. They mess up your metabolism and why mess it up when you’re already going so well with exercise and dieting?

    P.S make sure its the right TYPE of dieting. Not a "don’t-eat-breakfast-and-lunch-only-dinner" kind of diet or anything like that.

    Be patient. You’ll lose weight before New Years if you continue to exercise and eat healthy.

  7. Nikki Says:

    What you hear is advertising. They’re trying to separate you from your money. Diet pills DO NO WORK.

  8. Krystal B Says:

    I’ve never been big on supplements. Drinking lots of water, eating healthy, and exercising regularly will do much more for you than any supplement, and in that sense you sound like you are already on the right track. Aim to lose about 1-2 pounds a week, as anything more than that will most likely just be water weight and not actual fat loss.

    You can also drink things like green tea, lemon water, and coffee (in its natural state before any sweeteners are added) to aid in digestion and give your metabolism a slight boost. No need to throw money at the countless multi-billion dollar scams out there.

    If you do still REALLY want a supplement, just make sure you are being cautious, and don’t buy into the "miracle cures" that often circulate the internet (acai berry, colon cleanse, etc.). Typically, the better they sound, the more likely they are to be a complete fraud.

  9. Mariah Says:

    Most people don’t realize how much waste can be trapped inside our bodies. Experts estimate that most people have 10-15 of waste trapped to the inside of their colon walls. Imagine how unhealthy this is with all these toxins sitting inside us. Oprah had a guest on her show that talked about how we need to make sure that we clean our bodies of this rubbish.