Iron Supplements: how soon should you see health improvement?

How long after taking iron supplements should see you see health improvement especially energy wise.

2 Responses to “Iron Supplements: how soon should you see health improvement?”

  1. Kajjo Says:

    This depends on how depleted your bodily iron stores have been when starting the therapy.

    Usually it takes 3-6 weeks to significantly feel the change. Often iron therapies last for up to 12 months.

    Please never take iron supplements without medical advice. Iron supplements are only healthy if you have too little iron in your blood. Iron overdosing is toxic and harmful. Regular checks by your doctor are necessary and the cause of iron deficiency should be clear. Unfortunately, you did not provide why you receive iron supplements.

  2. S W Says:

    You will usually see the results of any dietary supplement in about 30 days of consistently taking the supplement.