is acai berry the real deal!?

i've been seeing so many advertisements about acai berry supplements. can anyone tell me what the true health benefits of acai berries are and if it really does promote weight loss? as for the supplements – what are they exactly, as they're obviously not the berries themselves?

3 Responses to “is acai berry the real deal!?”

  1. Suzy32 Says:

    Acai berry select has worked well for me. I chose it from this review site

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  2. Brett D Says:

    Acai is an amazing food. Don't look at it for a weightloss program, it can be used as part of a healthy lifestyle though. It is a very healthy berry that contains antioxidants. I prefer the frozen rio blend that you can find at health food stores, I scoop it into a blender and use it with protein powder. Dont but powder, juicve is ok but just don't expect it to be a quick solve. You will feel better over time with consumption

  3. Mahshad O Says:

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