Is is better to drink fruit juice at room temperature ?

I just purchased some 100% natural, blueberry/Pomegranate fruit juice for the health benefits. It doesn’t say to refrigerate it, but does it matter significantly ? Obviously, I’d rather drink it chilled, but if there’s more health benefits to drinking it at room temperature, that’s what I’ll do.
Oops – it does say in 6 pt. font on the side: "Refrigerate after opening to maintain freshness"

but good info about the skin of the fruit – I knew that for Oranges, but didn't know about other fruits

5 Responses to “Is is better to drink fruit juice at room temperature ?”

  1. TrInIhOnEy Says:

    No it doesn’t. Add some ice! When you open it, it should be refrigerated! I am glad that you purchased 100% natural juice because although juice is healthy the regular fruit juices found on the shelves contain high fructose sugar which is just as bad as drinking soda. Hope that helped:)

  2. Lindsay M Says:

    100% fruit juice absolutely has to be refrigerated or it will spoil quickly. Unless it’s a smaller bottle that you will use up by the end of the day. Otherwise, keep it in the fridge. I’m not sure why they would leave that off the bottle, maybe you missed it?

  3. funketybucket Says:

    Juice even all natural juices have a lot of sugar and the calorie wise there’s not much difference between drinking juice and a coke…a lot of the nutrients in fruit come from the skin, which obviously aren’t in juice. it’s better to eat fruit and drink water than drink fruit juice. but even fruit should be limited to 3-4 servings a day, because of sugar content. also, since there is sugar in the juice it should be refridgerated after it is opened because sugar is food for bacteria and bacteria thrives at room temperature.

  4. mishi Says:

    a little bit chilled is okk

  5. LyndaLee Says:

    if you like it warm or room tempeture and its a serving bottle shouldn’t matter but if you don”t refrigerate after opening it might rippen ew.