Is it good to drink milk? The text is too long but worthwhile read….?

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10 Responses to “Is it good to drink milk? The text is too long but worthwhile read….?”

  1. Terri Says:

    wow. Looks like you had allot of thought to this. My thoughts to this. People have been drinking milk for positively centuries and millenia. If you like it, drink it. If you don't, don't.

  2. JenasaurusX Says:

    Excellent essay. is that your writing or are you quoting someone? If it's the latter can you provide a citation or link to where you found it? I'd like to keep that in my personal folder of veg resources.

    On another note: How come every time I try to post a long question it tells me I'm out of room?

  3. Amy Says:

    Wow that was long. I used to drink milk when I was a kid and I would always be coughing, getting ear infection, my thoat would hurt and the list goes on. All of that went away when I stopped drinking milk. I'm gonna star your "question" because I really liked it and it is so important.
    How where you able to post such a long question? I don't think I can do that.

  4. Encantar Says:

    I know more about milk than most people. I used to milk cows for a living as a young person. Then I was a pasteurisor in a dairy. Prior to that I went to agricultural college, but with respect, I haven´t time to read your "very" long question.
    Milk is very good for you. Semi skimmed is better for dietary concerns, but above all it is the best way to get the necessary calcium your body needs.

  5. sarah s Says:

    No antibiotics are allowed in milk for human consumption. None.
    Not low levels, NONE.
    Milk is checked many many times before it reaches the table.
    So if you are against it, don't drink it! Why worry about what we are doing? It's our choice!
    Oh, and don't cook your food either.
    By the way, did you know that ants milk aphids? Is that unnatural too?

  6. klm78_2001 Says:

    I only read half of this before I got a little bored, sorry. Some of your references are wrong though, be sure to make the noninsignificant differentiation between BGH, a naturally occuring hormone that cows produce in order to produce milk, and rBGH or recombinant bovine growth hormone, the lab-produced hormone that is injected into cows in order to increase their milk production. Oh, and people drink goat's milk and sheep's milk, too, and have for thousands of years. There are probably other animals that are milked, too. Also, I've seen adult cats and dogs drink milk, actually knocking the top off of the colostrum milk container in the barn so they can reach the milk. It was almost really good, but your sources weren't all exactly on. If you're turning that in for credit, you might want to double check those.

  7. lo_mcg Says:

    Who wrote this? You don't credit it, but it wasn't you; it says 'I had one patient who…'. You say elsewhere that you're 17.

    I'm a vegan, but this essay has pissed me off. It is reproduced in shortened form inthe Cancer forum, titled 'Breast cancer and dairy???????' The text doesn't mention breast cancer, though.

    Users of the Cancer forum are very used to people, often teenagers as here but always people who haven't had or studied cancer, posting their half-baked theories about what causes cancer and lecturing us on how to avoid or cure it.

  8. xo_ahhmaziing_22 Says:

    I drink organic milk. All milk is taken from cows that have been given the bovine growth horomones. These horomones make the cows have boils on the insides of their udders & sometimes they pop & leak pus into the milk. So unless you buy milk that says 'not treated by cows w/ bovine growth horomones' you are drinking up to 45% pus.

    go organic

  9. Vegan_Baybee Says:

    And The Question Is?

  10. Flexetarian Vegan Says:

    I couldn't make it all the way through your dribble.

    Milk is good and good for you.