is it possible to actually reverse coronary artery disease through diet?

I've heard that eating certain foods can actually reverse the effects of heart and coronary artery disease, such as plaque buildup, hardening of the arteries, etc. Is this true? How much of a change can the right foods really make, and do you have to eat massive quantities of these foods (vegetables, soy, etc.) to see a difference?

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  1. HK3738 Says:

    it is impossible to reverse the plaques with diet, there is hope that intense medical treatment can reverse the plaques a little bit, good luck

  2. Margie Says:

    I'm hoping it can. I've been on a low fat, low cholesterol, low sodium diet to lower my cholesterol and triglycerides since February. So far, my cholesterol is down to 151 from 381 and my triglycerides are down to 321 from 553, and I have lost 72 pounds.

    I have discovered that reading labels is key to everything. You would not believe the foods that are high in saturated fat or cholesterol that we have been told for years are good for you. Regular sour cream, cottage cheese, regular yogurts — all off limits for me. And tons of other foods as well, but if you go to the American Heart Association website they show a diet there that is pretty good.

    You also have to keep in mind that heredity plays a part in coronary artery disease, and adjust your life accordingly.

    Good luck, feel free to email me if you have further questions. I have two different diets here (they just aren't on the computer), that list "do's" and "don't's" as far as foods.

  3. gangadharan_nair Says:

    Eat a low-cholesterol, low-fat diet. This kind of diet includes cottage cheese, fat-free milk, fish (not canned in oil), vegetables, poultry, egg whites, and polyunsaturated oils and margarines (corn, safflower, canola, and soybean oils). Avoid foods with excess fat in them such as meat (especially liver and fatty meat), egg yolks, whole milk, cream, butter, shortening, lard, pastries, cakes, cookies, gravy, peanut butter, chocolate, olives, potato chips, coconut, cheese (other than cottage cheese), coconut oil, palm oil, and fried foods.
    You have to lower cholesterol in the blood by low fat diet, exercise and drugs.
    Please see the webpages for more details on Coronary heart disease.

  4. vector600_99 Says:

    Yes there are certain items such as vitamines "B complex". Lecithin, Flax Seed Oil, and Coq10. They will help eliminate the plaq,also Blue Berries

  5. wolfman461 Says:

    Stop the progression yes but reverse not really. If you have clogged arteries you will never get then back to being 100% open. Some of the plaque can go away but we are not talking about going from 30% blocked to completely open. Its just not possible. A slight reduction can occur but nothing miraculous. Diet and exercise can keep things in check otherwise if they continue to clock you might require angioplasty and a stent.

  6. nice guy Says:

    The difinitive answer to your question, in spite of some of the other posts which are incorrect, is absolutley yes. However, to begin the process of reversing coronary artery disease you must be willing to make dynamic lifestyle changes. There is a process for reversing CAD which has been devised by Dr. Dean Ornsih. He has written a book on the subject. He advocates adopting and extremely low fat, no cholesterol diet, with regular moderate exercise and controlling the stress issues in your life. He has a great deal of clinical data backing up his claims that his process reverses coronary artery disease. There are also supplements such as L-Lysien and L-Proline, which studies indicate also contribute to reducing plaque build ups in coronary arteries. If you would like more information, or someone to help you in the process of adopting this strategy, I will be glad to help you. Please feel free to email me.