Is it possible to buy cartons/bottles of Pomegranate juice in the UK ?

19 Responses to “Is it possible to buy cartons/bottles of Pomegranate juice in the UK ?”

  1. babs Says:

    Yes from the supermarket (Sainsburys) its called Pomegreat.

    Marks and Spencer do one too.


  2. doodlenatty Says:

    Yes, I’ve seen a carton of it in Tescos.

  3. Churchills cigar Says:

    Yep, sup it every morning.

  4. fozz89 Says:

    it is yeah, most supermarkets sell it now, sainsburys, morrisons and marks and spencer for sure, although it is pretty expensive

  5. dukeofmud Says:

    Yes the ‘Rubicon’ brand makes pomegranate juice – available in Asian corner shops and the like.

    Tesco also stock a brand of pomegranate juice though it is hard to find.

  6. CAT Says:

    yeah i’ve seen it in the supermarkets.

    Try online as well, eg

  7. button moon Says:

    yes in nearly big stores now, as its considered very good for you, although i dont think you can beat picking all the little pieces out lol

  8. Natty-Lea Says:

    Yup. Saw some in my local Tesco. 🙂

  9. luddite Says:

    Yeah, Sainsbury’s and Budgen’s.

  10. dfordevil2010 Says:

    yes most supermarkets are now stocking it

  11. Technicolour dreamer Says:

    Holland and Barrett sell cartons of pomegranate – also available with blueberry and its fantastic!

  12. paulamathers Says:

    yes. in tesco on the juice aisle they have a whole range. the pommegramite ones are expensive as its popular at the moment. if tesco do them then any supermarket would.

  13. y_i_t Says:

    yep, tesco’s have 100 % pure pomegranate juice no added sugar or flavour or anything


  14. seven69uk Says:

    try asda (but i hope you have plenty of money its not cheap)

  15. Colin A Says:

    It is now readily available. All of the major supermarkets stock a variety of pomegranate juice, as do heatlhfood stores and many other grocers – my local green grocer does, for instance.

  16. benaberry_77 Says:

    Absolutely. I work at Tesco and we sell it fresh, own brand and ‘Pomegreat’, also with the longlife juice.

  17. zakiit Says:

    Yes it is called Pomegrate (though not sure of my spellings) in most supermarkets and health shops – I know Julian Graves does it. It also comes mixed with blue Berries which is even nicer.

    Happy 2007

  18. Eir Says:

    they sell them in all major supermarkets & middle-eastern shops, the best one i tried is Del Monte World Fruits Persian Pomegranate.

  19. Baps . Says:

    Yes you can buy it in most supermakets, Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s, also in a shop called Aldi