Is it possible to clear out cholesterol/plaque from arteries?

I went to my doctor yesterday. Recently, I have been experiencing chest pain. They did an EKG which came back normal. They checked my cholesterol and it was high (241). I was just wondering if I get it down to an acceptable level, will the pain go away for good. And, if I eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables will it COMPLETELY clear my arteries of all plaque for good? And how long does it take if I am eating fruits and vegetables regularly to get a good cholesterol reading?

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  1. ohappyday! Says:

    I have just been reading about this product. You may be interested in it also. It was in a link from my heart question.

  2. MO S Says:

    u need a cholesterol free diet plus most important exercise!,there are medications for patients with high cholesterol ,these are called statins,statins clear the cholesterol from the arteries.

  3. sue Says:

    since the EKG was normal, could you have a pinched nerve in your back?? that is what causes my chest pains.

    The Cholesterol meds do NOT work to get cholesterol numbers to come in line. I had been taking them for about 10 years and the numbers on the LDL just keep going up and up. Even eating on their no fat diet plans causes it to go up faster.

    Hey!! I quit taking the trashy Statin Drugs, went back to eating good tender beef, butter on my toast and butter on my veggies and the numbers came down to normals. It is costing me way less out of pocket for meds now!

  4. SBflyer99 Says:

    The best tip I ever got was to try eating these

    1. Walnuts
    2. Green leafy vegetables
    3.Salmon, fish oil

  5. chandrasekharam b Says:

    Yes, it exactly what they (cardiologist) do in angioplasty and stenting. This will be followed up by cholesterol controlling medicines and regular checkups etc.,..