Is it true that cholesterol forms plaque in your arteries only when you are asleep?

I went to pick up a prescription and my pharmacist said that cholesterol does it "thing" when you are asleep. That sounds like a wives tail to me. Is there any basis for this story?

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  1. Laurence W Says:

    I know I am supposed to take my cholesterol med at bedtime.

    If true, it would make sense to avoid fatty foods especially in the evening, and having some fruit and tea before bedtime, high in anti-oxidants, would be a good idea.

    On the opposite end, I used to have a peanut butter sandwich, and maybe ice cream, and a piece of cheese in the evening. Also a pice of fruit sometimes, or orange juice. My coronary arteries were heavily blocked, and I needed an emergency triple bypass. I had no typical risk factors for coronary artery disease.

    Let's play a game. Some of you do what I did, and some eat a piece fruit in the evening. Let's see who gets heart disease or heart attacks in the next five years.

    Oxidized LDL cholesterol, small and dense, is sucked up by monocytes in the damaged arterial lining, bulging the arterial wall. Anti-oxidants keep the LDL "big and fluffy", and away from the monocytes, where the LDL is mainly harmless in the blood stream. The medications reduce the amount of LDL in the blood stream.

  2. barb s Says:

    That's what our Dr told my husband who's on Zocor. That's why you're supposed to take the medication in the evening before bed.

  3. sugarpacketchad Says:

    I have heard the exact same thing from my pharmacist, but my doctor tells me that it doesn't matter whether I take my statin in the morning or in the evening.

    (be careful of the wive's tail) lol!!!

  4. mamason Says:

    No…doesn't just form while you are asleep. You can take your cholesterol medication at anytime of the day. I have discussed this issue with many cardiologists. They said taking the drug at night has no real signifigance.

  5. gamal_solimann Says:

    liver do synthesis of cholesterol at down time that is why any drug for hypercholesterolemia to be taken at night just before you sleep