is marijuana a stimulant or depressant?

it slows down your body but it stimulates your brain. im

13 Responses to “is marijuana a stimulant or depressant?”

  1. tomcatatlarge Says:

    I would say that you are correct in your observation. It is both a stimulant, it sure does stimulate the appetite, but then it's also a depressant. I really don't want to do much after smoking a joint except to find the perfect munchie food, and listen to music, or watch TV, or pontificate about things to a small group of close friends who are also on the same buzz.

  2. anna ♥ Says:

    Depressant– makes you tired, sleepy, foggy.

  3. aliza Says:

    Marijuana is a stimulant, alchohol is a depressant. It goes by your brains reaction to the substance.

  4. damirenich Says:

    depressant for sure

  5. Ryan L Says:

    makes u fucking awesome

  6. Eurydice Says:

    it could be either one depending on the quality some weed speed up your creativity and makes you quiet

  7. dramaqueen Says:

    depressant, it also causes the vessels in the brain to develop calcium deposits resulting in psychosis and stokes

  8. N-RN-SCHOOL Says:

    It's both, and many other things.

  9. Kevin R Says:

    both, and you are right it does both

  10. fckneocons Says:

    what was the question?

  11. Pamela C Says:

    huhh.. well, if ur using, i can see why ur confused. j/k :p
    well… its both, depending on the high, or amount used. also, using it with other drugs pushes it to either way.
    i find marijuana extremely… interestin… lol
    hope it helped!

  12. scrubs Says:

    you're a dooshebag.

  13. Fatkid slim Says:

    Mary jane it’s definitely a stimulant. if its really good ish its a hallucinogen. but i can ensure you will enjoy yourself with the high. The only way you’ll find it as a depressant is if you a heavy smoker, and u stop for a while. its non addictive physically though.