is monavie acai berry juice worth the price? What are the health benefits?

3 Responses to “is monavie acai berry juice worth the price? What are the health benefits?”

  1. GrandmaamylovesJesus Says:

    I don't know if it's "worth the price" as that can only be determined by the individual that is buying it. I do know that when I took it it seemed to help… but then again, being on a good vitamin regimen does the same. Most of us don't eat the right amount of nutrients in any given day, so anything we add to our diet that has them helps.
    I think monavie accai berry juice is just the latest effort to help people feel better, and it does help. It is also the newest "tiered" business…so…be cautious.

  2. Space Coast Virtual Services Says:

    no, no and no

    make your own: it's all hipe

    just add more fresh berries to your diet…

    snake oil from snake oils sales people!!!!

    of course there is the placebo affect and it could work for you….for that retail price

    buy it on ebay and try it out if you want toooooooo

    i would buy a juicer ( I do own juicer) and I make all my own fresh at home…with what i want berries, fruit, veggies etc!

    I can add flax seed, or anything I think my diet it lacking in…I just refuse to buy juices premade ..anymore… who knows what's really in them! DIY

  3. vj Says:

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