Is the plaque on your teeth the same as the plaque in your arteries?

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    3 Responses to “Is the plaque on your teeth the same as the plaque in your arteries?”

    1. formerly_bob Says:

      No – they are not the same, but there is a little similarity. The plaque on teeth is caused by bacteria and is a combination of minerals and bacterial secretions. Bacteria secrete substances that help them adhere to the teeth, and this is the primary reason that palque forms.

      Bacteria are not present in the blood stream unless a person is sick. Plaques in the arteries are a complex mixture of substances, but composed primarily of cholesterol and various fats, and a little protein. Calcium also becomes deposited. The mechanism of arterial plaque deposition is not well understood.

    2. Olivia J Says:

      Yes, pretty much. In fact, a recent study proved a link between poor flossing habits and heart attacks. Not sure of the specifics but I’m sure you could find it in a Google search.

    3. hsc16354 Says:

      that is a excellent question… if your teeth are bad then your health will be poor. plaque will Travel thew the blood stream . and will build up