Is there a way to reduce plaque buildup in arteries without drugs or surgery?

If someone has eaten a diet high in junk food for several years, and has a build up of plaque in their arteries from their diet high in sugar and fat, is there a way to get rid of the plaque without using drugs or surgery?

5 Responses to “Is there a way to reduce plaque buildup in arteries without drugs or surgery?”

  1. ckm1956 Says:

    Unfortunately, no. There is no proven way to reduce plaque once it forms. There were some diets that claim to do so, but the evidence just isn’t there.

  2. Philosopher Says:

    YES. eat fiber. whole wheat. grains. bran. oats.
    and of course, avoid fats!

  3. Helios Says:

    Well, Dr. Atkins sure felt as if you could get your arteries more clean if you quit eating the sugar. He doesn’t mind good fats, but there’s lots of fats which are sold now which are pretty bad for you.

    Anyway – if you’re ready to stop the junk food, and if you want to feel a lot better and lower your blood pressure and correct your cholesterol numbers, get a copy of Atkins – "New Diet Revolution" – you can get it USED from Amazon for about nothing. It’s an interesting read – and he’ll give you his ideas of how the body works – what happens when you eat the junk food – why arteries fill up with junk. It’s pretty interesting – and the diet feels great. But you do have to stay on it – and not just go back to junk food.

    The diet will often cure a lot of other stuff too – like heart burn and farts and pains in the gut – and you do lose weight pretty well. When I did it, the diet cured a HUGE amount of muscle pain I had, it was like a miracle. Obviously I was probably allergic to some food which isn’t eaten on the diet.

  4. formerly_bob Says:

    In general, regular exercise and a diet that is low on saturated fats and high in saturated fats will reduce arterial plaque. This is more than adequate for most people. However, some people manufacture excess amounts of cholesterol no matter what they do or what they eat. If you are one of those people, there isn’t anything you can do to reduce the plaque to a safe level – only statin drugs will work.

  5. Jorge Says:

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