Is there any USDA certified organic supplements?

I am looking for USDA certified organic supplements and cosmetics.
there are many supplements said organic but it’s not certifed from anything so I like to get something that is really organic chemical free supplements.

3 Responses to “Is there any USDA certified organic supplements?”

  1. ohiorganic Says:

    Ni there are not because the USDA does not regulate either suppliments or cosmetics. if the USDA does not regulate it, it cannot be certified organic but can use the term organic in marketing even if the paroduct has zero organic ingredients-this is a huge loophole that needs to be closed

    See for a lot more information about this.

  2. BearcatRX Says:

    USDA – US department of agriculture
    FDA – Food & Drug administration

    FDA doesn’t regulate the use of supplements for therapeutic use and therefore you will not find any on the shelf that the FDA has approved for a certine illness/disease.

  3. versantly Says:

    none -the feds aren’t involved in supplements. avoid them and eat a balanced diet.