Is there any way to legitimately lower the amount of plaque in your arteries?

I know that statins keep the plaque from getting worse, but is there any way to actually lower the amount of plaque currently in your arteries? I read that fresh spinach in large quantities actually "scrubs" the veins of plaque. Any truth to that rumor?

2 Responses to “Is there any way to legitimately lower the amount of plaque in your arteries?”

  1. hamid b Says:

    The only legitimate study has been about the statins. Statins have been the only proven therapy for prevention of further plaque build up and also regression of plaque.

    By legitimate, I mean a good research study with a large body of population, in the hundreds. There have never been a study that has shown any "herbs" , "spices" , "teas" or "tree barks" responsible for prevention or reduction of plaque.

    "My uncle’s brother-in-law felt better after drinking green tea for a year" is not a research study and should never be relied on.
    Stick with science and legitimate proof.

  2. ant09 Says:

    Look up SYNERGY PROARGI-9. I have friends and family members that have lowered their blood pressure, and also cleaned their arteries with this stuff it’s amazing. Also Dr. Lou Ignarro wrote a book called "No More Heart Disease" that talks all about nitric oxide and how you can reverse damages done to your heart and arteries. He actually teamed up with Herbalife to create a product called Niteworks. Either one of these products will get the job done.