Is there anybody out there that knows how to do an abstract?

My topic is treatment for Heart Disease and it is 200 words can anybody tell me how to do this? My teacher said this was wrong-Abstract
Coronary heart disease is a cardiovascular ailment considered to be a complex of diseases of varied etiology. A primary factor that initiates a heart attack is the pathological buildup of abnormal plaque, or atheromas, in the arteries, plaque that gradually hardens through calcification. Coronary heart disease was not a leading cause of death in the United States until 1950, causing more than 30 percent of all deaths, and the figure is still climbing up to the present day. Today coronary heart disease accounts for about 45 percent of all deaths.
The common causes of heart disease may be attributed to several factors such as hypertension, obesity, heredity, high cholesterol, emotional stress, and lack of regular exercise. Various methods to diagnose and treat heart disease have been developed over the years, but medical experts, still advise healthy diet and regular exercise as the best counter-measures for heart ailments.
Laboratory methods to diagnose heart disease include blood test, electrocardiogram, exercise ECG, electrophysiology studies, cardiac catheterization, echocardiography, doppler ultrasonography and many other test. Treatments for heart disease include heart transplantation, artificial heart insertion, drug therapy, surgery, balloon catheter treatments, defibrillation, synchronized cardioversion, and pacemaker insertion. Family plays the biggest part for heart patients.

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  1. Kaylie Says:

    An abstract has a fairly standard form. Its purpose is to inform the reader of six pieces of information about the piece of writing being summarized. Abstracts are not long — only about a paragraph (so if you wrote one or two sentences for each point below, then the abstract would be twelve sentences long). A good rule of thumb is that an abstract should be no more than 10% of the length of the essay itself.

    1. Purpose of essay
    2. Scope of work (i.e. focusing on women over the age of 50 or looking at all possible causes of heart disease, etc.)
    3. Methods (you've got that part)
    4. Results (What are the consequences of the problem or issue?
    5. Recommendations
    6. Conclusions

    Hope this helps!

  2. Sherina Says:

    an abstract is an brief summary of you essay
    not that long i think

  3. A.V.R. Says:

    It is too wide a topic. There are just too many cardiac diseases with multiple treatments for many of them.