is there anyway to remove plaque, cholesteral build up on your arteries once it has formed?

Eastern or Western medicine?

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  1. rob_n_tx2 Says:

    Well, I reversed mine with a low fat diet and exercise over about a 3 year period. There is a book written by Dr. Dean Ornish called Reversal Of Heart Disease… I believe that is the name of the book .. If not that is very close.. It tells how to do it… and it is where i got my information. I am 66 years old and just recently had a stress test and maxed out the test.. Stayed on the tread mill for 15 minutes with it at its highest incline and highest speed.. The cardiologist couldn't believe it.

    I eat a low fat diet and walk 6-8 miles daily…. It works if your willing to do it.. most people are unwilling to do what I did… it seems… you cant correct it overnight but it can be done .. I would highly recommend you purchasing Dr. Ornishs book… best of luck.

    Also Dr. Ornish is one of the very best experts on Cardiovascular health and diseases… he is great… and has several books at most book stores…

  2. austin c Says:

    western.coronary bypass surgery.

  3. Alan C Says:

    yes low fat diet and a med like plavix

  4. sue Says:

    actually by going back 75 years to before all the great hullabaloo about fats and then cholesterol and all that stuff.

    Eat good steaks, topping them and their accompanying potatoes with butter and eating good dressings on your salads.

    None of that has been proven to be even slightly detrimental to good health.

  5. mimi_leland Says:

    clogged arteries can cause heart attacks and strokes. i've suggested this to medical doctors who applaud the benefits of vitamin supplements. here is something you can actually research for yourself. Get the dietary supplement called "Co-Q-10" short for Co-enzyme. It is a little pricey but it is a very powerful cleanser for your arteries. If you couple this Co-Q-10 with a fairly powerful Vitamin E capsule you are really doing something powerful! The vitamin E enhances the effects of the Co-Q-10 making it a super powerful cleanser for your arteries.

  6. j'n'h Says:

    Lots of green tea and food and/or supplements with antioxidants.

  7. Thimmappa M.S. Says:

    There is no medicine for cholesterol, it is one of those 'seven ills that requires no pills'. See for an article on this.Only, food,exercises (including yogic exercises) will yield almost permanent relief. For yogic package(seven deep breathing and light exercises) and herbal medicine you may also see http;//