Just how regularly would you need to eat quarter pounder cheeseburgers to create plaque in your arteries?

Serious guesses only. I mean it.

6 Responses to “Just how regularly would you need to eat quarter pounder cheeseburgers to create plaque in your arteries?”

  1. Sean L.P.N Says:

    The answer is simple. It would be different for every person. There are a ton of variables, including exercise, other foods the person ate, and family history.

  2. leebarajas Says:

    It would depend on their life style choices as well and the other kinds of food they eat.

  3. onecowboyjake Says:

    for people with cholestoral issues, I'd say even once a week would be damaging unless, they change their lifestyle … I got a fat-burning system that would make me wealthy if I could bottle it and sell it, cause, I can live on the darn things, smoke a pack a day and all I do for excercise is go for a good walk 3 or 4 times a week and my BP stays normal … I ain't braggin, that's just the way it is …

  4. Razwell R Says:

    They DON'T

    Saturated fat does NOT cause atherosclerosis in any way. Atherosclerosis is NOT wads of goo, or the mud inside a pipe scenario. Nothign clings to the inside of the arteries, they are a NON stick surface.

    It develops BETWEEN the inner and outter layer of the arterial wall and is comprised MIANLY OF VERY HARD FIBROUS SCAR TISSUE AND SMOOTH MUSCLE CELLS.

    The man made trans fatty acids cause inflammation and damage to the arterial wall which leads to atherosclerosis. The fries contain the trans fatty acids.

    This anti saturated fat sentiment was started by Ancel Keys and was incorrect from the start. It is political and has no scientific basis.

    The Tokeluans of the Pacific Islands are documented to have NO coronary artery disease. Complete lack. They have average cholesterol levels of 240 mg/dl and up to 300 mg/dl

    They eat coconuts at every meal, which are far richer in saturated fat than animal fat.

    There are man many other "paradoxes" Maasai, Dinkas Samburu Swiss Russian French Inuits

    None of these are "paradoxes" at all. The Cholesterol Theory is scientifically untenable crap and all one has to do to see this is rummage through the full texts of the studies.

    Please look into Anthony Colpo and Dr. Ravnskov


  5. J B Says:

    Each person is different on how their body processes excess cholesterol so no answer is going to be right. If you want to see what quarter pounders do to your body, watch the movie "Supersize Me". You can kill yourself by doing this on a daily basis. Your cholesterol climbs rapidly, your liver cannot process the cholesterol and becomes a fatty liver and your liver enzymes climb and as they do that, you start feeling like crap.

  6. Larry L Says:

    Super Size me the individual had no regard for CALORIES, as a result became OVERWEIGHT or too much bodyfat.

    He had TRANS FATTY ACIDS from the super sized FRIES, AND he had excess calories from cola

    The quater pounder is NOT what hurt him . he should have ordered normal sizes and skipped on the cola and fries.


    You LJ are very unfamiliar with ther 18 clinical dietary interevntion trials to date. People like you are too lazy to actually go to the source and look up the and read the full text studies for yourself.

    If you HAD instead of believing media nonsense with vested interest and "health authorities" with conflicts of interest you would know for SURE that saturated fat or cholesterol has NEVER increased CHD mortality or incidence in ANY of the 18 to date.

    You woulkd KNOW about the NUMEROUS cultures who eat a diet RICH in saturated fat and have very low to NO CHD at all, like the Tokeluans – see my post – who have cholesterol levels of 240-300 mg/dl and have a complete lack of CHD documentd by scientists Not surprisingly Cholesterol TYheopry proponents enthusiasm for discussing this fact when mentioned FADES FAST along with all the other "paradoxes"

    Maasai Dinkas Samburu Swiss Russian French Tokeluans Inuits

    See Larry L's referenced post to look up for yourself

    Anthony Colpo


    The Cholesterol Theory of coronary artery disease is a bunch of scientifically untenable CRAP fit for a chlidren's fairy tale story about the cause of CHD