Marijuana and the brain…?

Marijuana is a stimulant, and I am really sensitive to stimulants. I used to smoke a lot of weed, and love it. But I think I stimulated my brain so much that my excitement turned to nervousness cause my mind couldnt slow down. I quit, yet my mind was still firing like crazy, literally driving me insane. So is the way to bring it back to normal to use a depressant, something like valium or kava, chronically for a few months, to kind of condition my brain to operate slower? It makes some sense, any thoughts? much appreciated

2 Responses to “Marijuana and the brain…?”

  1. Fred B Says:

    Have a look at:

    Nasty stuff, dope, as with other drugs, hard to understand why someone would want to put this crap into their body!

  2. YourHighness420 Says:

    Maybe you need to smoke.
    Never heard of this.
    Maybe you smoked something that was laced.
    How long has it been?