MonaVie claims a myriad of health benefits. Has this been looked at and approved by the FDA? Is this a scam?

This is an MLM (mulit-level marketing) business, promoting the anti-oxidant content of the açai berry from the Amazon. A bottle of the product retails for , but several competitors are selling their own product blends for a fraction of this cost.

4 Responses to “MonaVie claims a myriad of health benefits. Has this been looked at and approved by the FDA? Is this a scam?”

  1. Mike_aus Says:

    First and foremost – Monavie claims to be a nutritious fruit juice. Monavie DOES NOT claim to cure disease, protect against cancer, or any of the other extreme medical benefits which are advertised by some rogue distributors.

    Monavie active is extremely beneficial for you health as it is high in antioxidants, natural plant based glucosamine, and essential fatty acids which act like natural anti-inflammatories. Basically, Monavie is a very simple method of improving your body's nutrition levels. The human body heals itself – you just need to provide it with the right nutrition.

    Monavie is NOT a drug, hence the product is government approved as a health juice only. If you go on to the Monavie website you can find documentation stating the government approvals of Monavie, along with sporting body approvals which confirm that Monavie is legal for athletes and is not a banned substance.

    The cost of the juice depends on your actions. If you sign up as a distributor you pay the wholesale price, not retail. Then by signing up just a few people on each of your legs you effectively get the juice for free (Product commissions equal to juice cost). Any further work you do to build your business is profit.

    It is such a simple idea and easy business. I really recommend everyone have a look at this. What’s the worst that can happen? You get healthy?

  2. TX2step Says:

    Acai berries are excellent for you – even higher in antioxidants than blueberries………BUT, you need to check into the MLM. It's illegal to make more than 50% from recruits, and not from sales of the actual product. You should check with the US Attorney General's office regarding that…….Some of the larger MLMs' executives and reps are currently being sued….

  3. El Yankee Says:

    Monavie is a truly effective product, you can read more about it here.

  4. stan Says:

    I’m sure Monavie is a fine product, but it only contains a small percentage of it’s most beneficial ingredient, acai. Many of the other 18 fruit juices in it look like fillers to me. And for $45 a bottle, plus shipping? You can get much better much cheaper.