Naturally reduce dark circles under eyes?

I know you get those dark puffy bags when you dont get enough sleep or whatever, but my eyes are puffy or baggy.

I simply have dark circles under my eyes (and a few wrinkles). I get usually get decent amount of sleep, but even after 12 hours of sleep on a Saturday morning, I still have these dark circles… and they are getting worse.

Is there anything I can do to naturally reduce them? Or should I just start applying creams or w/e?

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6 Responses to “Naturally reduce dark circles under eyes?”

  1. David P Says:

    massage and tan will tighten the skin also great safe sex releases endorphins
    giving skin hormone therapy
    have a great life

  2. Nicole Says:

    i have dark circles too. sometimes when you sleep more than the normal amount it can make it worse. I would stick with getting the normal 8 hours of sleep & using some type of cream. i use the yes to carrots eye contour cream it helps some.

  3. Subtle Says:

    They’re caused by the skin under the eyes being thin and showing the blood vessels underneath, puffiness can be reduced and lines can be softened with cream but the actual darkness can only be concealed with a light-reflective concealer.

  4. KateeBabezz Says:

    There is Lots of new products out on the markets to solve this problem.
    Theres lots of differnt concelers, A girls best friend.
    A Lot of women have these problems so i wouldnt worry.
    But concelar is usally the answer.

  5. LusciousLove Says:

    Creams will help. Oils that contains herbs and essential oils are even better because certain oils that penetrate below the surface layer of the skin and improve the dermis, where all the damage occurs.

    Try using cucumbers around the eyes to get rid of any puffiness. Spas have been using them for years. Just chop two up and place on your eyes for about 30 minutes.

    A squeezed lemon’s juice is a great to apply around your eyes to brighten the darkness. Just buy a few lemons (not lemon juice, usually its from concentrate). Squeeze the juice, apply to a cotton ball, and swipe evenly under your eyes two times a day. Limes can work well too.

    If you need a cream or oil, try Beauty 4 Ashes Face Lift in A Bottle Serum.

  6. Karthi Says:

    Lack of adequate sleep and nutritional food results in dark under eye circles.

    Stress also cause dark under eye circle.

    The below link help you to get rid off this problem.