No arterial plaque in coronary arteries?

Yesterday I had a CT coronary angiogram. I have absolutely no plaque in my coronaries! Does this mean the rest of my arterial system is plaque free too?

2 Responses to “No arterial plaque in coronary arteries?”

  1. Lovisa Says:

    Unfortunately, there is no gurantee. It is not uncommon for people to have a lot of atherosclerosis in one location, and nothing in another – on the contrary to what it would be natural to believe.

    On the other hand, to not have any arterial plaques in your coronary arteries is very good. A teacher of mine, who is a pathologist, says that atherosclerosis in coronary arteries can be seen in many pre-school children! (However, angio is not as sensitive as autopsy.)

    Anyway, the heart is a bad place to have atherosclerotic plaques, so be happy about that!

  2. Joachin Murrieta Says:

    No, not necessarily