Nutrition and Organic Supplements a Cure for Depression?

Here is a quick story. Four days ago, I bought 100% certified organic Iron-deficiency tablets, organic B-12 pills and organic Wild Salmon Oil supplements. After four days of taking them and not expecting them to work, I woke up today and for NO reason at all, I was HAPPY. I was smiling, joking, I actually left my room. And for once in my life I had this astounding feeling like I can do ANYTHING I want, and I mean ANYTHING. Like I will accomplish my dreams if I put my heart into it. I did not feel worthless and actually knew what it feels like to have some self-worth. Even when a certain person called me bad name, previously I would have gone into a shame spiral, but this time, I had to turn away because I was smiling because I realized how pathetic that person looked trying to get me mad, angry and embarrassed about myself. However I still have severe problems with memory and thoughts and sleep, but I know I have just begun. Here is what is so remarkable. I was at my wits ends and was thinking about going to maybe see a counselor, but I had stupidly forgotten that I am anemic (iron-deficient) and B-12 deficient. So instead of buying pharmacy drugs (i’m against them), I researched and decided to see whether it was my deficiencies which are causing my severe depression and the external forces just making it worse. And only after 4 days, (I was very very doubtful) I am already feeling better! So what do you think? Should we be focusing more on organic diet, supplements and nutrition for a cure for depression and anxiety? I am going to go on a strict organic vegetarian diet, because I have come to believe that doctors are making a big mistake handing out anti-depressants like candy at Halloween for depression and not telling people to change their eating habits and check what they are missing in their system.
I understand everyone is different, I just want general answers.

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2 Responses to “Nutrition and Organic Supplements a Cure for Depression?”

  1. many owls Says:

    hi,i was thinking of this very thing last night,and remembered a friend said there was an lady coming to jasper alberta,were i live,an iridologist,im going to see her for 25$ she can see what your lacking and how to correct it..i believe many people would benefit from this.
    good for you and hope its whats needed.
    thanks for reminding me that supplements are out there.
    i was on a week holiday and away but im back…

  2. Hi I'm Chucky. Wanna play? Says:

    Yes I think that a natural diet with fresh fruit and vegetables helps with any problem.

    Here’s a link for Tyrosine which is a natural amino acid and is good for depression.