Nutrition Tips : Health Benefits of a Pomegranate

The health benefits of pomegranates include providing fiber for the digestive track, blood sugar regulation and support of the vascular and inflammatory systems. Eat pomegranates instead of drinking pomegranate juice to get the full health benefits with advice from a nutritionist and herbalist in this free video on nutrition.

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25 Responses to “Nutrition Tips : Health Benefits of a Pomegranate”

  1. h635 Says:

    she’s right about the juice, because it’s pasteurized!

  2. twigdtd Says:

    for an example of why I don’t eat or drink anything from stores!…


    Cereals 100-800 Micro Grams
    Fresh meat 100 McG
    Fresh vegetables 100McG
    they say it hasn’t been proven to hurt in any way yet they also say they don’t know how it benefits you! I know pomegranates are good for you, but what about what they add to it when it is from the store?

  3. HyphenSkills Says:

    She is right…

  4. Zakuboxcarrier Says:

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  5. clevelandkickass23 Says:


  6. TryGaming Says:

    You guys are so immature. She’s trying to give you health tips so your fatass can get off the couch

  7. 1996kesha Says:

    u suk

  8. vvinkky Says:

    well you never really compared the fruit with the fruit juice?

  9. EatRadishes Says:

    People are really mean when there are no negative repercussions.

  10. HealthNterventionist Says:

    Some good points in this video, especially on getting the nutrients from the actual fruit instead of a supplement. I speak more comprehensively on the benefits of fruits and vegetables on the body and weight in my videos. Thank you for sharing this video on Pomegranate

  11. Delockony0kkp Says:

    On top of that, they’re fun to eat and yummy :3

  12. assmunch1 Says:

    It is pronounced POM Granite

  13. LOVELEE411 Says:

    I love the fruit… hate the juices!

  14. lovingangel410 Says:

    Normally, I would agree with not drinking it but POM on the other hand is a different story.

  15. KoenigLindsay Says:

    What about POM Wonderful? It seems like that is much better than other pomegranate juice brands.

  16. KillerXify Says:

    how the heck do you eat it when its full of seeds? YUCK.

  17. MrRandomTalk Says:

    @assmunch1 no it is not its pom-e -granate

  18. assmunch1 Says:

    @MrRandomTalk Wrong again moose breath…w w w .thefreedictionary. com /Pomegranate

  19. MrRandomTalk Says:

    @assmunch1 actually u can pronounce it both ways…dictionary . c o m

  20. Justice7BSAA Says:

    she has no idea wats she is talking about
    she is so horny

  21. PerajEbay Says:

    She didnt mention even 1 in 1000

    Eat Pomegranate and never get sick or get rid of any sickness that you have

  22. HConstantine Says:


    No its not

  23. HConstantine Says:


    You put a seed in your mouth and suck the flesh off the seed. Didn’t you read the Homeric Hymn to Demeter?

  24. HConstantine Says:

    You only tripped up with the term ‘support’, which is CAMspeak for ‘What I am about to say is a lie, but I’m not really saying it, so you can forget about getting regulators to fine or prosecute me for my lies.’ Nice try though.

  25. Andrea@POM Says:

    These videos are great, very informative. I agree that eating fruit is a good way to get nutrients, but pomegranates have such a short season (Oct-Jan), you can’t enjoy them all year round. Drinking a pomegranate juice that doesn’t add ANYthing is a great alternative. 🙂

    KoenigLindsay, lovingangel410, assmunch1 – thanks for the POM Wonderful love! You guys know we squeeze four of those pomegranates right into a bottle.