Ok, plaque building up in arteries, vs gunk building up in colon?

Does the lining of arteries have anything that plaque can grab a foothold on and begin building up? I don’t believe these stories about people having gunk built up in their bowels for several years. I’m not familiar with anatomy, but I think the bowels have a mucus lining that nothing can stick to. Anyone know what the difference is?

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2 Responses to “Ok, plaque building up in arteries, vs gunk building up in colon?”

  1. Morpheus Says:

    Well – you hear both sides of this one! People who’s job it is to flush out people’s guts (colonics) say that they get POUNDS of sh*t out of somebody which was stuck here and there in their gut – and this "sh*t" contains parasitic worms and so on. And people do report that they feel SO GOOD after this too.

    However… when they stick cameras up inside the colon (colonoscopy), you see on the video tape no evidence of all this sh*t which the hipsters believe is there…..

    Personally I don’t know – but I do notice the hipsters who like alternative medicine – homeopathic stuff – aren’t above telling the stupidest lies imaginable about a lot of things. They believe stuff like pyramid power and astrology and all manner of nonsense – I’ve seen books full of this rubbish. So it’s a little hard to believe their claims that you are totally PACKED with bad sh*t.

    The large gut and colon does have a zillion little sacks along the course of it – diverticulae – and perhaps bits of sh*t can hang up there. Take some Metamucil and perhaps you can break it loose and get rid of it. People DO complain about constipation and feel much better once they can sh*t regularly. So again – I have no idea what really to believe.

    In blood veins/arteries – cholesterol is used as a patching material. Once the very very smooth interior of a blood vessel has been damaged, cholesterol will sometimes show up to "patch" it – and build up – break loose and form clots – and so on. These cholesterol deposits have at least been observed – HOWEVER – this does not mean that statin drugs are a good idea! The so-called "medications" for lowering cholesterol in the blood are pretty dangerous things – and all the doctors seem to be totally sold on them – perhaps because they take their orders from the pharmaceutical companies.

  2. tim g Says:

    eat less animal fat, eggs, cheese, ice cream and red meat… diet, lose weight.
    check your blood sugar.