Omega-3 pills for women?

I have omega 3 pills for women, saying it will balance out the "natural fatty acids profile"
Or something like that.
Reccomended intake is 2 pills a day for adults.

My question is, what does this mean and what will they do?
The benefits for these pills?
And i am in grade nine, it says for adults, but will it be okay for me to take them?

One Response to “Omega-3 pills for women?”

  1. bvetter23 Says:

    Omega-3 pills typically contain fish oils. These contain the fatty acids DHA and EPA which have numerous health benefits. They help maintain proper cholesterol levels, improving overall cardiovascular performance, treating depression, helping memory and concentration, and may possibly help treat Parkinson's disease and ADD.

    It is definitely okay for you to take them. Start now and you'll be ahead of the game in preventing a number of diseases, but make sure to maintain a healthy diet & lifestyle as well.