Omega 3 question?

Okay I read about long chain omega 3 fatty acids from fish being really effective on the brain, but short chain omega 3 fatty acids like Walnuts, Flax seeds, Spinach are not so effective in some articles I read about online.

I mean how do I get short chain omega 3 fatty acids into the longer chain so I can get benefits…does it mean I have to eat a lot of flax seeds and walnuts?

One Response to “Omega 3 question?”

  1. gnihton883 Says:

    Fish oil has long and short
    and all other sources just have short (flax seeds being best short source)

    if you have NO long whatsoever in your diet, your body will work to convert some short chains to long chains but the bottom line is your body needs both Long and short to function

    BUT "According to many nutritionists, the amount converted to long chain fatty acids from short chains can not be enough to satisfy the needs of the human brain."

    Fish oil is the best way to get your omega three as it is the only source of long chain
    either your need to eat the fish or buy the fish oil supplement to get your long chains,

    hope this answered your question
    (see article for more information)