Once plaque builds up in the arteries can you get rid of it?

I was just wondering like once it builds up is it permanent or can you reduce it later on?
i know that exercise and a good diet will prevent build up, but once its built up can you reduce it?

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  1. Andrew Says:

    Nope – they haven’t figured that one out yet. There are medicines that help the plaque not be as much of a problem (plavix, coumadin, etc.)

    Diet and exercise are the best ways to prevent additional plaque buildup. Cholesterol plays a huge role in plaque buildup (coronary artery disease and atherosclerosis). LDL cholesterol tends to let plaque float around and stick while HDL cholesterol will transport the proteins back to the liver to be processed and excreted rather than deposited in your arteries. This is why it’s important to keep LDL down and HDL up.

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  2. ☻ß Says:

    I think there is a med out that tends to remove plaque , but as to what extent etc. I haven’t checked