Organic food & supplements while pregnant?

Just wondering if anyone is eating organic and/or taking any organic/natural supplements while pregnant. I just found out I am pregnant with my 2nd and would like to continue eating organic & taking supplements throughout my pregnany. Not sure what are good and bad supplements to take? Also, what are more natural prenatal vitamins…I don’t want to take Materna. And what are some good foods to eat in early pregnancy…I’m only 2 weeks.

Thanks all!

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4 Responses to “Organic food & supplements while pregnant?”

  1. mominohio Says:

    organic food should be great and would be healthy. The supplements you should talk to your OBGYN about them or your midwife if you are going that route. They should have an acceptable list. I know some are safe and others aren’t. The #1 thing the Dr stressed to me early in pregnancy is lots and lots of folic acid so find foods that are high in folic acid and eat a lot of that. Also vitamin C containing foods would be a great idea. I know most Dr’s don’t advise against it but after my experiences I would recommend avoiding large amounts of peanuts and peanutbutter during pregnancy.

  2. ♥ Jamie ♥ Says:

    Organic food is better than most foods that have chemicals and steroids in them, I think its great you are eating that healthy. As for the vitamins, I would get some from the pharmacy. They are FDA approved and most organic ones are not, so you never know whats in them.
    Good luck and congrats!

  3. Nicholas C Says:

    Eat a bunch of bananas, maybe 4 a day, yea, with organic pudding. Pretzels, lots of pretzels and maybe some choclate dip, with milk. But not 2% milk, whole milk, from virgin cows.

    And marshmallows mixed with peanut butter slightly heated with butter and maybe some sugar but not to much cause it might be too sweet!

  4. Sarahbeth J Says:

    I would definitely say eating organic food is a great choice! As for prenatal vitamins, I take the Outpost (a health food store) brand, which is natural and vegan. I’m not actually pregnant, but trying to be!

    I just have to comment on Nicholas’ answer. lol Virgin cows don’t produce milk. lol Too funny.