Organic supplements for cancer?

My mom is battling renal cell carcinoma, a form of kidney cancer. Does anyone know of any organic supplements that are known to help at all with kidney cancer or just cancer in general? Traditional treatments don’t seem to be working well for us and we’re looking into a more holistic/organic approach. Thanks for any feedback/info.

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  1. Marcus S Says:

    I don’t know if this will help, but there is a directory of naturopaths located at

    Hopefully, you can find some in your area that can help

  2. Sarah D Says:

    Go to a certified natural health professional or a natropath.

    There are lots of supplements that might help her. PawPaw is one I can think of, but you usually would take that in addition to other products as well.

    I would see a professional if you want good results.

  3. Laura J Says:

    As an adendum to my answer: First of all, we all have appx 170,00 cancer cells in our body every moment that I’m typing this to everyone on this forum right now.

    Our immune systems are constantly keeping the cancer from proliferating unchecked.

    Our white blood cells go in and identify, tag and destroy mutated cells by calling the B and T helper cells to dissolve and clean up the cancer mess.

    When our immune system is deficient, the white blood cell fails to communicate. Thus, allowing the cancer to grow and by the time its identified, its often too late!

    For anyone to think that they should NOT take responsibility in prevention and saving ones own life with kowledge from laymen, neighbors and anyone who has experienced a more rapid cancer recovery or better quality of life through the proper nutritional tools… You’d better think again!

    Here are testimonials on cancer recovery for those who did go through all medical treatment and as it failed them, they tried nutritional support and recovered:

    Regardless of the diagnosis, the body has the ability to heal itself with the proper nutritional tools. The AMA Journal of the American Medical Association has stated and promoted supplementation for the first time in history this decade.

    I scold anyone who thinks that they don’t need to take the responsibility to prevent and offer a better quality of life for those going through such a devastating and scary diagnosis if its not coming from the God head in a white coat and a stethiscope.

    For people like me and the over 10 years experience altering diet and supplementation with people who are still alive, walking tall today who were told they had no hope, here are all of my experiences in helping them in cooperation with their doctors.

    There are those who are not absorbing and no supplement can help and its too late.

    Some people in hospice have gotten out of hospice with supplementation and are now alive and still alive.

    Some have had no chemotherapy and radiation and their tumors dissolved on supplemenation and 50% of the time their doctors wonder if they gave the wrong diagnosis or their oncologist is unsupportive they try to convince them to do the chemo anyway, even though there is no more detectable cancer.

    Why when chemo suppresses the immune system and cancer is a suppressed immune? Is the oncologists agenda to make the cancer come back?

    Some improved their quality of life with cancer and died with less pain.

    I’ve witnessed it all and have participated in it all and I have learned what you can and cannot do in these situations, which does qualify me to be there for moral support and to offer education on not getting ripped off by supplements that make claims and are not backed by science.

    My brother passed away and his improved quality of life with supplementation and it was priceless considering what he would have gone through without it.

    The chemo killed him before the cancer did, because it does not pass the blood brain barrier and it killed all of his T helper cells that were dissolving his aggressive cancer.

    At least the doctors were amazed at his quality of life with a non curable cancer versus their other patients who couldn’t even function like he did without supplementation.

    This example is a true testiment to the power of the human body’s ability to HEAL ITSELF.

    My friends and family who refused to listen and change their ways in eating junk foods and smoking are sadly passed away when they could have had a better quality of life.

    I’m older, I’m passed middle aged. My avatar is a picture of me 3 years ago. I look younger. I’m not stupid, I’ve been around the block and I’m losing people around me.

    My 15 year old daughter just lost her friend at the age of 15 due to ovarian cancer. The mother didn’t tell anyone about it until she passed.

    Had she told me when her daughter was first diagnosed, who am I to keep quiet? What if that little girl lived on the proper supplementation to get the immune system back on track? Sad.

    My passion is often mistaken as "trying" for those who are suspicious of those people making a living helping people through wellness instead of making money off of sickness treatment, which ironically is the drug company paradigm.

    I don’t have to try. I’m passionate because I study this in great detail and understand it and I’ve paid my dues.

    I want to set the record straight… I am not anti chemotherapy and radiation.

    On supplementation, these people undergoing standard medical care get to keep their hair, don’t have to throw their guts up, and don’t have to suffer mouth sores and they get to keep their appetite. Also, they experience a more rapid increase in tumor cell distruction.

    Isn’t this about increasing chances of survival because their immune systems were being nutritionally supported on a cellular level… This is what I’m all about! Anyone else out there like me? Yah, but apparantly not in this forum. Too many trolls.

    For anyone going through something like this, it’s hard for me not to take personally, because I’ve been through it and I’m sure I’ll go through it again as cancer is an epidemic. There are no quick fixes out there. The life of a red blood cell is approximately every four months. So, your cells regenerate every time you eat. Thus, putting in supplementation that is backed by science, is proven to be non toxic (FDA GMP guidelines) will help with cellular restoration… And it takes about 4 months to see the most dramatic results.

    To anyone going through this devastation, may your heart be open and not hardened to a world that gives mixed messages of drugs versus nutritional deficiencies. All I know is taking advice from a stranger is a hard leap of faith and its something I wouldn’t really do myself, because after all… Do they know you? Do they like you? Do they trust you?

    The FDA’s agenda is clear and NO, I do not see the man/woman in a white coat as my authority figure or my God, I see them as human beings that, by the time they graduate med school, half of what they’ve learned in treatment is obsolete.

    That these doctors are taught by pharmaceutical reps and although doctoring hasn’t increased, pharmaceutical reps have increased by 45% Here is a video of a pharmaceutical rep and her 15 years experience, this will shock you:

    It doesn’t shock me, I’m jaded.

    Yes, there are some medical doctors who are open minded and try other things. I have MD’s in my family and friends and they agree with me.

    The truth is that I am responsible for saving my own life and if my doctor doesn’t cooperate with me in learning about my scientifically validated non toxic supplements that do have litterature to support it and are in the Physicians Desk Reference, then I say… Get another doctor, after all, they work for you… Not the other way around.

    Here are links as references:

  4. MvL Says:

    Green tea extract has been shown in many clinical trials to be successful for suppressing the growth of cancerous cells. She might also consider high dose Vitamin C therapy. Further, consider shifting to a very low carb diet, but with a lot of green leafy vegetables, which some evidence suggests might slow the formation of cancerous tissue. Resveratrol, a substance found in red wine that you can buy in a supplement form, has also been shown to be a potent anti-cancer nutrient.

    Good luck to you and her.

  5. Stubs_McKenzie Says:

    Unfortunately, No. But, just for your information, I had a friend that just recently passed away from cancer. He was being treated by a holistic physician. It really only gave him a false sense of hope for healing. In the the end, he died, a very painful death.

  6. Jason Says:

    Would you be willing to talk to a RN who knows a lot about what is out there for your mom’s situation? if so – email and they will pass your number onto her and she will call you when it is convenient for you.

    Hope this helps!

  7. Sam Says:

    Glyconutrients for cellular communication, which is organic and non toxic

    Phytonutrients for cell repair and to keep cancer from metastasizing, from flash freeze dried pesticide free cruciferous vegetables and fruits known and studied by the National Cancer Institute for prevention of cancer.

    Phytosterols, another phytochemical found in leafy greens and cherries and organic soy that prevent estrogenic cancer causing molecules from latching onto tumors and help reduce cancer risks in both men and women. The National Institute of Health has studied these food molecules because of the overall support in health.

    Food based vitamin minerals that nourish cells 24/7. Not synthetic, whole food.

  8. zrepmd Says:

    I’m sorry for your experience so far. Kidney cancer is a very difficult foe. On the positive side, there are now three new agents which can help some patients; on the negative side, most patients still can’t survive the disease long once it has spread.

    There are absolutely no studies which support anything in any of the other posts. Some would say it is because of bias, others because the studies haven’t been done; I just say that there is no data (some of these things might work but no one really knows). There is no such thing as a no side-effect fix for cancer.

    Alternative treatments that involve ANY medications, whether prescribed or not, whether called "natural" or not, ALL have potential for side effects. I understand trying alternatives when conventional medicine has had so little to offer, but please don’t assume it is always harmless, and don’t buy into hype. This is definitely a "patient beware" situation.

    I have taken care of many patients who have travelled widely and spent hugely on alternative treatments over the years, most of whom would not even consider chemotherapy or any "standard" medicine; I still took care of them. I have never once seen any of these treatments cure anyone. My own personal track record with many of these diseases has been poor as well (we don’t really have very good therapy for advanced cancer in most instances). The difference between me (conventional medicine practitioner) and them is I’m just honest with you about it up front. I can give you data, and it might not be good, but it is at least supporting evidence. I tell you this not to talk you out of trying, as I would likely try something in that situation "off the beaten path" as well. I would suggest though you use discretion, particularly as related to the financial costs, but as well to what is out there in the literature that actually supports what you try. Some of these treatments may well be toxic (depsite what you could be told), and no one wants your mother to have more problems.

    God bless, best wishes

  9. Joseph F Says:

    I am sorry about your Mom, but suggest the best prognosis will be from following what her regular doctors & oncologists recommend. The ONLY reason any therapy is "alternative" is because it has not shown any evidence of working! If it had, believe me, it would have been embraced by "traditional" medicine and would no longer be "alternative"…

    Your Mom might want to go to and find a drug trial being conducted for her particular cancer, there is a FAR higher chance that will be successful than anything else, given the current options not working…

  10. G - Up Lifting Says:

    The books that I found a lot of very useful information is "The Cure for All Advanced Cancers" by Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D., N.D. and her earlier book that she refers you to for some unrepeated information is "The Cure for All Cancers"

    ‘This book tells the cause of all cancers and provides exact instructions for its cure.’ (quote from the book cover)

    If you read just one, read ‘the cure for all advanced cancer’, as it give you all you need to recover, from cancer and the tumors.

    Good Luck!

  11. sapphire_630 Says:

    Unfortunately as stubs said many people do do alternative cancer treatment without success. Many only follow a specific treatment rather than a full spectrum of things. Like they might do a target diet and a couple of supplements like mega doses of vitamin C and essaic and not do the C0Q10 and shark cartiledge and astragulus.
    Also they think they can just do the treatment and get better but it is important to have your doctor monitor your progress.
    If you are rapidly getting worse after a month or two of alternative it might be best to do the traditional WITH the alternative. Plus there are supplements to take to help fight the ill effects of the chemo and radiation.
    One thing with the alternative, even if it doesn’t prolong life they will have a better quality of life whereas the chemo all too often has them half dead and no quality.

    You/she needs to cut out any and all junk food, processed food, diet food and aspartame. Eat only healthy God/natural made foods. Throw away the table salt and use celtic or himalayan salt.
    Cut out bad fats and use olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, grapeseed oil. N0 crisco wesson type oils!
    Cut down or out meat and sugar.

    Eat lots of antioxident foods -fruits and vegetables.
    Fiber (whole wheat and grain)
    pumpkin seeds, some types of nuts,
    dried fruits especially apricots
    Green tea without additives
    Essaic tea
    mega doses of vitamin C
    C0Q10 and shark cartiledge -these two are important to take together.

    It is important to get your body oxygenated, PH balanced
    and sodium/potassium balance.

    Also the alternative for cancer has to be a life time lifestyle change you can’t ‘feel like you are better and stop.


  12. Jim D Says:

    Laura J,

    Not my area but I must wish the asker good vibes and karma in their quest.

    Laura J, you are a smart cookie, your posts are well expressed and backed up with references…well done.

    You have a well functioning cerebral hemisphere, kiddo. I am pleased to see you have decided not to waste it.